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The 27 Best Canggu Restaurants

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There are so many good restaurants in Canggu you can find every type of food you could dream of from local to Thai to western food, to vegan to Paleo to steak houses. Canggu has it all.

And like with the restaurants in Seminyak they’re all beautifully decorated.

The range of what you could end up paying for a meal in Canggu incredible, from $1 to hundreds so I’ve separated the restaurants in this guide up into price brackets to make it easier to find the right spot for you. It would be impossible to rank the best restaurants in Canggu so here you can just see all the best ones according to your budget and then pick where to eat in Canggu.

(I don’t know what you class as expensive or cheap so I’ve based the price guides on what is expensive or cheap for Bali. For example, anything above 200,000/300,000 IDR ($15/$20 USD) per person for a meal is expensive for Bali, i.e. it’s higher than average. I’ve put meals under 50,000 IDR ($3.50 USD) as cheap since I don’t think anyone could argue that isn’t cheap, no matter where you are in the world. Everything else is in between in the mid-range.)


Best Canggu Restaurants

Expensive | Mid-Range | Cheap Eats


Posh Eats – Approx 200,000/300,000 IDR ($15/$20 USD and up).


Ji Terrace by The Sea

Ji Terrace by The Sea is one of the best places for sushi around but the real selling point of it is the views. Set on the rooftop just opposite old man’s it’s one of the best spots for sunset.

Plus on Sundays, they have bottomless brunches. If you want to do all you can eat and all you can drink it will set you back about 1,000,000 IDR total but the food and drinks will be delicious

Normally Sushi and some drinks there will cost you 300,000 to 400,000 IDR per person.

Ji is situated just at the end of Jalan Pantai Batu Bolong, opposite Old Man’s

Best for: Rooftop views


Da Romeo 

Da Romeo is just beautiful inside. It almost feels like you’re walking into an old fashioned English living room or whiskey club.

Best Restaurants Canggu Bali

The food is Italian and their Oysters are one of their biggest draws. Make sure you get there early though as they do run out.

After your meal you’ll be given free Lemoncello or Baileys and while they have great wine, and even a good beer selection for Bali, their cocktails are really the thing of note.

Canggu Nightlife Cocktails

There is nowhere else in Canggu that makes cocktails with such care and attention to detail. The speakeasy late-night bars in Seminyak would be the closest next place to get cocktails like this.

Da Romeo is over on the Berawa side of Canggu on Jalan Pantai Berawa.

Best for: Date night


Lacalita Bar Y Cocina

I’m a bit obsessed with Mexican food and Lacalita Bar Y Cocina does not disappoint. Whilst their mains are only around 100,000 IDR per plate (well except the Rib-Eye Steak) somehow this place always ends up coming out as quite an expensive outing.

It could be because the food’s great so you end up having starters too. And the margaritas are good so add on a few of them, plus tax and service, and you’ll have spent 600,000 IDR (over $40 USD) without even blinking.

Best for: Mexican


La Baracca

La Baracca does great pizza, although not the best in Canggu, but it also specializes in a wider variety of other Italian food too with parmigiana, carpaccio, burrata, and great pasta.

A meal with drinks will cost you about 300,000 IDR per person. And the Italian food really is wonderful.

Best for: Italian food


Moana Fish Eatery

Moana is so insanely popular so, if you’re going to go, make sure you book as if you walk in any time from 7-9pm there’s almost zero chance you’ll get a table

Moana Fish Eatery has raw, as well as cooked, fish tacos and incredible Poke Poke bowls.

A meal with drinks will cost about 200,000 to 300,000 IDR.

Best for: Fish


Mason Canggu

One of the coolest places around to go in Canggu now. Mason became a hit in Canggu as soon as it opened up. They have lots of light nibble options, like hummus and halloumi, if you just want a small snack and plenty of filling mains including steak, fresh fish and vegetarian options.

And they should know what they’re doing when it comes to the fish since it’s run by the same owners as Fishbone local.

It’s become so popular as a place to hangout now that Mason even has a DJ on Fridays and turns into a party.

Best for: Dinner and a Dance


Mid-Range Budget Eats – Approx. 100,000 to 200,000 IDR ($7 to $14 USD)


Ithaka Warung

Ithaka Warung in Canggu is upstairs and has beautiful views out over the palm trees thatched roofs and ocean.

Their menu is mostly made of Indonesian food, although they have build your own burgers too and a few other options, and they put things together in very different combinations so if you’re been traveling around Asia for a while it the new combos will be great for you.

Best Restaurants Canggu

Best for: Original local food


Crate Cafe

Crate Café (also known as Lifescrate) used to be a tiny little café in Canggu but it does such good and reasonably priced breakfast and lunch it had to expand, big time. The place is now huge and serves everything from smoothie bowls to smashed avo on toast to burritos. You have to order at the counter and most items at the menu cost approx. 50,000 IDR.

It’s always really busy and can take a while to get your food just due to its popularity so make sure you’d got time when heading there.

Best for: Breakfast 


Milk & Madu 

Milk & Madu is run by The Good Food Bortherhood (which makes it sound gangster but it’s not). The Good Food Bortherhood run a number of restaurants around Bali including Watercress in Batu Belig (best salad bar in town) and Ulekan Canggu Bali which serves local food with a fine dining experience.

Nalu Bowls , which make those smoothie bowls you see all over Instagram, are at the side of Milk & Madu so you can order from them there as well (the only other Nalu Bowls in Canggu is just next to Dojo Coworking).

Their my second favorite place for breakfast in the area and but also a great spot for dinner with pizzas and traditional Western fair.

Milk And Madu Canggu

Best for: Relaxed Dining


Falafel Temple

Right by Milk and Madu is also Falafel Temple.

I’m guessing you can probably work out what food they serve without my saying. There’s nothing else like this around so if you need a falafel, pitta, and hummus fix definitely head here.

They have shisha too.

Best for: Falafels


Echo Beach Bar and Grill

At the end of Jalan Pantai Batu Mejan over in Echo Beach (shockingly given the name) is the Echo Beach Bar and Grill.

Here they have fresh fish, meat and veggies to choose from that you can then have barbecued how you’d like them and add any items you’d like from the salad bar to go with your meal.

The sunsets are off the charts there too.

Echo Beach Bali

Best for: BBQ


Two fingers

Full disclosure, I’m not that into Tacos but everyone I know who is, and I mean EVERYONE raves about the tacos at Two Fingers constantly.

They’re cheap at only 25,000 per taco and their spicy margaritas are on point but those will set you back about 100,000 IDR a pop.

Best for: Tacos



Peloton is the vegan restaurant in Bali that everyone goes to, and even if they’re the staunchest meat eater ever says “holy f**k that was incredible”. Peleton is enough to turn meat eaters vegan.

Best for: Vegan Food


O LaLa

O LaLa is a bit further out of Canggu, located over in Umalas but with the shortcut road it will only take you 15 minutes to get there, and it is VERY much worth it.

It’s hard to find good cheese in Bali. Really hard. And Expensive.

But somehow the two French owners at O LaLa have found a way to create an incredible cheese board at a reasonable price.

Plus, they have good wine too that is the same price as some places charge per bottle of Plaga (Plaga being one of the local wines which tastes questionable, to understate things, and is likely to cause you one of the worst headaches of your life).

Head there on a Friday and the owners start Dj’ing later in the night turning it into a great spot to have some dinner and your night out.

Best for: Cheese


Shady Shack 

One of the most famous places to eat in Bali.

Vegan, veggie and Instagram photo heave, Shady Shack serves up colorful lunch bowls, wraps and the largest selection of veggie burgers I’ve ever seen on a menu before in my life.

Best for: Huge vegetarian selection


Poke Poke & Roti Cani

These two restaurants are attached to each other and you can sit in either and eat from either. 

Roti Cani serves very good and very cheap Indian food. Whereas Poke Poke, you got it, sells Poke bowls. They were the original poke downs in Canggu before all the other fancier places started popping up.

Their poke bowls are wonderful and can be customized depending on if you want rice (white or brown) or salad with it, or maybe even half-half.

The Poke bowls will set you back more than the Indian food, especially if you’re greedy like me and get a large one!

Poke Poke Restaurants Canggu

The inside of the restaurant isn’t geared towards a long luxurious dinner, however. It’s very much the type of place you go in, get your food very promptly, eat and then leave. Wonderful if you just need something quick but still really tasty and healthy.

Best for: Quick food



Crate Café and Betelnut were two of the first western healthy restaurants in Canggu when it was a cute quite sleepy surfer town.

Betelnut does some of the best fruit smoothies and juices around and they’re really good at making “normal” food, healthier. Think healthy versions of burger and wraps and sandwiches.

Best for: Healthy twists on food


Oma Jamu

A bit like nasi campur but for vegan salads and veggies. Oma Jamu’s food is delicious and you can even take your own tuple-wear with you if you want them to stock is up for home treats.

Oma Jamu

Best for: Getting your 5-a-Day


Old Man’s

I’m sure someone is going to bag on me for putting this suggestion in when there are so many niche, healthy and cool places in Canggu whereas Old Man’s is well basic. But that’s one I’ve included it. Sometimes it’s ok to be a little bit basic.

If you want a good burger, with some of the best fries you’ll have in the area, eat at Old Man’s. They have a great vegetarian and vegan section of their menu too now.

Best for: Less healthy western eats



Back over on Jalan Batu Mejan, going towards Echo Beach, is Santorini. It’s the only Greek restaurant in the center of Canggu.

With it’s blue and white décor and mezze platters you could be excused for thinking you’re actually in Greece.

Best for: Greek



Over on Berawa, just the other side of the shortcut, I would argue that Sprout.

does the best salads in the Gu. And even better still they do one salad bowl where you can mix 3 of their salads together so you don’t have to pick just one.

There are a lot prettier and cozier cafes to sit in Canggu but the salads there are so worth it.

And, as is the case with a lot of places around the Gu, you can get yourself Jamu (turmeric) shots and other ones to boost your immune system and health.

Best for: Salads


Suksema Sushi Bar

In Canggu Plaza is Suksema Sushi Bar . The sushi is some of the best in Bali here and what’s better is that Trattoria Pizzeria is also in there and both restaurants are fine with some of your party ordering from either.

Perfect if there’s a group of you who can’t decide what to have.

Best for: Cheap Sushi


Sizzle Wraps

I almost put this into the budget section as the quesadillas and burritos are about 50,000 but most of the ones in the budget section would get you a drink for that 50,000 IDR too so it’s just snuck it’s way into the mid-range.

Sizzle Wraps started off outside on Canggu up past Pererenan but somehow even still it managed to become so popular there was high demand for it to move into the center of Canggu.

Best for: Cheap burritos


Cheap Eats – Approx. 50,000 IDR (under $3.50 USD)

It can be harder to find cheap eats in Canggu since it is such a touristy area.

In Seminyak cheap eats are so easy to find as there’s much more of a mix of things geared towards locals and foreigners. There one side of the street you’ll see a Western café that will make you beautiful Instagrammable smoothie bowls and the opposite side of the street a local Padang Warung with all the food displayed in a glass cabinet at the front and meals from 10,000 IDR. But it is still possible to find cheap eats in Canggu if you know where to look. 


Give Cafe

Give Café is run by the same people as KYND (one of the famous breakfast spots in Seminyak). They have a great selection of vegan Nasi Campur (the Indonesian food where you get a bowl of rice and then can pick from lots of different things to go with it).

The selection of food to go with your rice is incredible and they have lots of meat substitutes to put in it that you could have no idea were veggie. They also have food on the menu but that costs a little more at just over 50,000 a plate.

Plus they give 100% of their profits to charity. Healthy delicious food and doing good. It’s perfect.

Best for: Local food and doing good


Piring Daun

Piring Daun is an indian restaurant on the road that goes down towards Finns Beach Club. It’s ridiculously cheap for Indian food (outside of India) with a curry and naan costing about 35,000 IDR. 

Best for: Cheap Indian


Bu Mie

Bu Mie is a bit like Warung Murah in Seminyak or Warung Indonesia in Kuta. It’s a local warung, again serving nasi campur (but this time with meat options available too) that’s just been made to look a little nicer inside than the proper local warungs. It’s still cheap enough with a veggie nasi campur likely to cost you about 20,000 and a meat one 30,000 to 40,000.but more of a western warung than proper local one.

Best for: Cheap local food


Warung Heboh

Warung Heboh is a padang food restaurant. That means it stll serves the food from a cabinet that looks like nasi campur, where you pick all the differnet items to go with your rice, but there is more of a focus on the food having curry sauce too. It’s over the short-cut on Berawa side if you’re looking for cheap eats around there.

I can’t be the only one who thinks it’s good either as they’ve even got a resaturant down in Padang Padang too.

Best for: Padang food


Are there any other restaurants you think should be in the best Canggu restaurants? Let me know in the comments and maybe I’ll add it in.

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