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14 Unusual Things to do in Maui

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We all know Maui as the island of beautiful sandy shores, heavenly sunsets, rolling waves, flower leis and Hawaiian tropical fruits. However, do you know this gorgeous Island also has hidden treasures on its off-beaten paths and other discoveries deep inside?

Once you have done all the touristy things here, you may falsely believe there are no more reasons for you to visit Maui again, but you are so utterly wrong. Maui can beat any other place in the list of unusual, exciting activities to indulge in.

Here’s a breakdown of some of those unusual, exciting activities of Maui.


14 Unusual Things to do in Maui

Canyon and Rappelling | Canoeing with Sea Turtles | Oneloa Beach | Foot Golf | Rum and Vodka Distillery Tour | Stargazing at Haleakala | Coffee Plantation Tour | Blowhole Point at Nakalele | Outdoor Cinema | Maui Brewery Tour | Night Art Party | Local Food | Sugar Museum | Shark Diving


1. Canyon and Rappelling in the Waterfall

When you set out on the road to Hana, you will come upon the lush eastern side of Maui. Here is where you can go canyoning and rappelling in natural pools of breathtaking waterfalls. Many excursions are available here that include jungle cliffs, waterfalls, natural pools of fresh water, canyons, and National Park sun rise hikes complete with zip-line tours.

These basic tours do not require any prior experience, and you will get your required gear on the spot for any excursion you select. Needless to say, this is one of the most incredible experiences you can have in Maui.


2. Canoeing with Sea Turtles

How closely have you ever been able to admire a sea turtle? The more remote spots of Maui like Honokeana Bay give you the opportunity to see these glorious creatures as close as you can get to them. Ensconced safely and comfortably in an outrigger canoe, you can paddle in the calm waters of the early morning and meet the wonderful sea creatures.

This is especially a worthwhile activity for all those who feel hesitant about snorkeling too far away into the beach. In this activity, you only need to canoe a few hundred meters away from the shore to reach the residence of the turtles.

Or if you don’t want to paddle yourself you can take a catamaran tour out to see them

I’d also highly recommend going whale watching if you have time too.


sea turtle canoeing hawaii


3. Oneloa Beach

Maui is the paradise of all beach lovers because there is always a new one to explore while on this Island. Although all the beaches in Hawaii are lawfully open to the public, it can, however, be quite tricky to locate the access points of many.

Oneloa Beach is such an example. One of the most secluded spots, Ironwoods or Oneloa Beach is not only miles of dazzling sand but is also only accessible through a tiny footpath in a gated community.

Since no private properties or hotels crowd this area, most days, you might just be lucky enough to be the only occupant of the beach. Can it get any better than this? Yes, it can actually.

The beach also has some fine waves to make body surfing ideal here.


Maui Beach Hawaii


4. Foot Golf

If you have always wanted to experience a beautiful golf course in Maui without having to swing a club then here is just the right opportunity for you. The Golf course of Kaanapali makes available nine holes for your foot golf fantasies.

Foot golf is a golf game wherein you kick a ball resembling a soccer one around the course. In the game, you have to aim for a hole with a diameter 21 inches wide. Another unique experience we bet you didn’t know Maui offers.


5. Rum and Sugar Cane Vodka

2016 saw the last of the many sugar cane mills that had been Maui’s pride for years. With this event, many vacationers sadly gave up their desires to experience Maui’s sugar cane mills up close.

But Maui still has many surprises hidden within, like its Ocean Vodka. You can enjoy a soul-satisfying vodka experience at the Ocean Vodka Organic Distillery and farm.

Just drive through upcountry Maui until you reach Kula then take a turn for Omaopio Road. You can participate in the tour here that comes with not only interesting information relating to the organization but also finishes with a flourish of rum and vodka tasting.

This distillery and farm show you the competence of Maui’s third generation, who came up with a genius way of producing vodka from self-grown sugar cane on a farm 80 acres wide. Their technique is quite different from the usual potato or grain production of vodka and is an experience you must not miss.


6. Stargazing

Stargazing on its own may not sound like a very unusual, exciting activity to you, but wait till you have heard all of it. You must have heard of the Haleakala slopes, famous for the spectacular sunsets. However, have you ever wondered what a nighttime exploration of the divine sky would feel like from here?

Why wonder when you can experience it in person? At Haleakala, you can experience not only the most gorgeous sunsets of your lifetime but indulge in a mind-blowing, breath-stopping experience of viewing the universe in the night, all from the summit of Haleakala.

Maui Stargazing allows you this unique experience with their portable telescope and a viewpoint standing above the clouds. We promise you an otherworldly view up here. Absolutely magical!


Stargazing Maui


7. Coffee Plantation & Surfing Goat Dairy

There is something enjoyable in getting all local and enjoying the best of the Maui upcountry. Maui offers several craft tours where you can enjoy tasty beverages and other treats that some of the finest purveyors of Maui offer.

You can start your day with the tropical plantation of Maui, where you can enjoy a cup of the freshest roasted coffee of the Island. Complete the very local-like experience by feeding the goats after a tour and then lunching in a farm-to-table setting at the Surfing Goat Dairy.


8. The Blowhole Point at Nakalele

If you have an insatiable craving for natural phenomena, Maui promises you an unending supply of it. You are bound to feel amazed at the blowhole of Nakalele point on the north shore of Maui.

When you reach here at high tide and catch the right action of the waves, you will get to experience gigantic geyser-like spouts of water fly up in the air (similar to at waterblow in Nusa Dua, Bali) . You can see the plumes of water shooting gloriously into the sky at an interval of every few minutes and sometimes even seconds.

You can find this natural wonder at 32.5-mile marker, lying at a drive of merely 25 minutes away from Ka’napali. The trip also includes a little bit of hiking, taking the adventure element a few notches higher, as you hike 15 minutes down to the edge of the water to reach the spot.

Mile marker 32 also leads you to a labyrinth of stones along with a lighthouse.


Nakalele Blowhole


9. Cinema under the Stars

Sometimes, all your heart desires is a night under the stars with a great on a big screen. Get this beautiful experience at the MACC (Maui Arts and Cultural Center) where you can enjoy a free movie while sprawled lazily under a starry sky.

With a massive screen outdoors, food, and other live entertainment available, you will surely have a memorable night to add to your holiday diary. The entertainment is family-friendly, so you can enjoy it with your kids at hardly any cost.


10. Maui Brewery Tour

Some pubs go beyond the ordinary and thus promise an experience that will send your senses reeling. Take the Maui Brewing Company, for example. Over here, you can taste some of the most delectable and unique brews such as dark porters.

These brews are unique in nature as they carry flavors of coconut toasted by hand and hints of pineapple. The brewery makes wheat beers, mochas, and IPAs loaded with citrus. The homemade beers are enough to promise a tantalizing journey for your taste buds, but the fresh island cuisine promises even more.

You can visit the restaurants in Kihei or Lahani afterwards where you can indulge in the house-made mustard, ketchup, and colas.


11. Night Art Party

After you have enjoyed a captivating sunset in Maui, head over to the Island Art party which is exactly what it sounds like. A party while creating art.

This party promises you plenty of fun with a variety of food, music, drinks and a big supply of art equipment, apron and plenty of people to meet. You can create your own masterpiece regardless of your expertise or experience in art.

This party is a great way to befriend some great locals and take home a personal and unique memento for your Maui memories.


12. Shrimp Trucks, Banana Bread and Portable Pizzas

You may find a quick stop at Safeway, Target, or Costco super convenient for groceries when in Maui or even enjoy dining at Bubba Gump’s. However, all that convenience will only cause you to miss out on the treasures of the local cuisine and all the delicious places to eat at in Maui.

Once you taste the fresh local produce here, you will realize what you have been missing all your life here. We recommend visiting Queen Ka’ahumanu Center, which is a farmer’s market in Kahului, where Hawaiian people go to do their shopping.

You will find the best stock of local vegetables, fruits and the most famous bread of the Island by Anacel.

This local stays up all night and whips the best batch of banana bread you will ever get your hands on, with honey to make the treat even sweeter. If this isn’t enough to wet your appetite, then perhaps the Geste Shrimp Truck up on the Kahului Beach Road will.

Shrimps aren’t something I’d eve associated with food trucks but here you’ll get the juiciest shrimps served to you in one of 4 ways.

If you’d prefer to grab some pizza while in West Maui make your way to Lower Honoapiilani Road and let Pizza Connection serve you some delicious wood-fired pizzas. These pizzas are the best available on the Island, and from a local business.


13. Sugar Museum

One of Maui’s true gems is the Sugar Museum of Alexander and Baldwin. It is even more precious now since the last of Maui’s sugar mills, and plantations, closed down in Central Maui. Sugar mills were a large part of Hawaiian culture and you want an up-close experience of what the 180 years old sugar cane industry of Maui was like, then this Museum is the place to go.

The Sugar Museum beautifully captures the monumental era of the history of Hawaii. With all its captivating details, you will not regret a moment of your time here.


14. Shark Diving

The Maui Ocean Center is a fascinating experience in itself, but if you are a certified Scuba diver, you can find one hell-of-a thrilling experience here to add to your memories. A certified scuba diver can glide among stingrays, tropical fish in thousands, sharks, and more with the Aquarium’s program titled, ‘Shark Dive Maui’.

As a visitor, you can learn about the marine life and the importance of sharks in the Hawaii culture, but as a scuba diver, you can dive on in with them. Your personal encounter with the fearsome creatures plus your family and friends watching from the glass viewing area is an experience nothing else can beat.


Final Thoughts

You may already have been fascinated by the regular tourist activities of Maui on your previous visits. The Island, however, offers a lot more than just the ordinary activities. To have the most memorable, thrilling, and soul-satisfying experiences of your life, try out the activities in our list. Maui is not going to disappoint you!


What was your favorite of the unusual things to do in Maui? Let us know in the comments below

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Unusual Things To Do In Maui  Unusual Things To Do In Maui  Unusual Things To Do In Maui

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