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The top 20 cool restaurants in Copenhagen

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Copenhagen is every foodies dream, or you know, just in general the dream for someone who likes to eat. In Copenhagen, you can find literally anything. Everything from mouthwatering street food, to avantgarde wine bars and fine dining in Michelin star restaurants. It’s the epicentre of the New Nordic Cuisine but has also managed to keep the old Danish traditions, like smørrebrød (traditional open-faced sandwiches) with a Tuborg beer on the side, alive and thriving. The Danish capital has it all, so prepare to indulge in delicious food and extraordinary culinary experiences! But be warned, this is Scandinavia, meaning that even the cheap eats, might not be so cheap compared to other countries.


The top 20 cool restaurants in Copenhagen


Breakfast | Mad & Kaffe | Parterre | Souls | Lunch |  Schønnemann | Grød | H15 | DOP | Dinner | Kiin Kiin | Bæst | Gorilla | gasoline grill | Vinhanen | Dalle valle | magasasa dim sum & cocktails | yellow | Restaurant tolv | Reffen copenhagen street food | Torvehallerne | The Bridge | Andersen & Maillard





Breakfast – the most important meal of the day, is something that has really stuck in Denmark. Whether you´re looking for a simple, but well-executed hipster coffee, full brunch with all the bangs or just an instagramable avocado sandwich, you will for sure find it here. …and you won´t be disappointed. Most places have great vegetarian and vegan options. Everyone should get a good start to their day!



1. Mad & kaffe


WOW! If you´re only having one restaurant breakfast or brunch make it this one! Mad & Kaffe has become so popular amongst the hip and young crowd that they have opened in four different spots around the city, Amagerbro, Vesterbro, Fredriksberg and Nørrebro and they all open at 8.30. The concept? Build your own breakfast, with 3 (10 Euros), 5 (13 Euros) or 7 (16 Euros) small dishes from the menu. The menu is divided into sections of greens, dairy, bakery, meat & fish, and treat of the day (and oh my is it a treat!). You will find classics, like organic scrambled eggs with cress, danish fried bacon and danish pastries, as well as dishes with a more modern take, like plum yoghurt with white chocolate and sunflower seeds, broccolini with sesame mayo and miso and rye bread porridge. The menu changes depending on available ingredients in season. The only problem? What items to choose!



2. Parterre


This is the place if you don´t want the full shebang but prefer a simple coffee, with a simple but oh so delicious breakfast. It is a small place within walking distance from Nyhavn, but being a hidden gem, you won´t be bothered by the touristy crowds. Being owned by father and son, that has devoted their hearts and soul to this place, it sure feels warm and welcoming. Make sure to try the avocado on rye, and if you want to splurge, add the smoked salmon.





3. Souls


Vegan or not, you will love Souls. It is extremely popular, and it is easy to see (taste) why. The owners themselves are non-vegan and serve their food with the motto “Eat like you give a fork”. Souls manage to deliver high quality, locally sourced ingredients in amazing combinations while also minimizing the environmental footprint of each meal. What else can you wish for? Definitely don´t miss out on the iced coconut latte, as refreshing and delish as it sounds.





Now that we are done with breakfast it’s definitely already time for lunch. The Danish capital has plenty of lunch restaurants with food from all over the world.


4. Schønnemann


When in Denmark, eat like a Dane. Smørrebrød is Denmark’s most famous dish, usually fresh rye bread, topped with mayonnaise or Danish butter and finished off with various combinations of fish, meat or cheeses. Smørrebrød has been the Danes “go-to” lunch for centuries and at Schønnemann all combinations are well tried and made with love and pride. Schønnemann opened in 1877 and has become one of the best and most well-known lunch restaurants in Denmark. My personal favorite is the dill hearing, an open face sandwich with pickled herring in a dill mayonnaise, topped with capers and a breaded and deep-fried egg on top, just as tasty to eat, as it is beautiful to look at.



5. Grød


Grød means porridge in Danish, but don´t worry, this is nothing like the porridge you´re used to. In fact, I doubt you will even know you´re eating porridge. Grød has become so popular it has opened in many different places around the city. Grød has reinvented porridge and serves everything from luxury oat porridge with caramel sauce, apple and roasted almonds, to creamy mushroom risotto with truffles. If you ask them, they make gourmet porridge for the people, and I couldn´t agree more, I went back several times. It is quick, fairly cheap and just utterly delicious. If you´ll just try one thing, let it be the Daal. It’s topped with cherry tomatoes, coriander and salted almonds. For just 7 euros it will keep you full for the entire day as well as giving you a nice cozy hug from the inside out.





6. H15


You’ll find plenty of good restaurants in Kødbyen, aka the meatpacking district, but for lunch, I recommend the boho café H15, amazing food at moderate prices. The food is mainly organic, sustainable, and locally sourced. The chef always creates the menu according to what’s in season. I would say that this Scandinavia cafeteria is as hip and trendy as it gets. Whether you choose to go here just for a coffee or for lunch, it will definitely be served with a side of good vibes as well.



7. DOP


You can´t go to Denmark without eating the traditional hotdogs. The Danes has almost a religious relationship with their hotdogs and everyone has their favorite hotdog stand. If you want to try the king of the dogs, DOP, the organic hot dog stand close to the Central station is the place to go. Don´t make it complicated or fancy. Go for the Classic Danish with remoulade, fresh onion, pickles and roasted onion. If you want to go full Danish, …of course you do!  Take a Cocio, chocolate milk, on the side as well.









I don´t even know where to start. Copenhagen is filled with the most amazing and various restaurants you can think of. Copenhagen restaurants don´t only serve divine food, they provide lots of ambiences and good vibes as well. My thoughts instantly go to New York when thinking of the restaurant scene in Copenhagen. From Nordic cuisine, hip sharing menus, to the most perfect Asian restaurants and absolutely addictive Italian food, Copenhagen has it all.



8. Kiin Kiin


There is only one word to describe this Michelin star Thai restaurant – OUTSTANDING. The evening follows a fixed program and set menu, which starts with different snacks in the lounge area followed by the dinner upstairs in the main dining area. The tasting menu is Thai inspired and changes regularly. The food is experimental and offers a once in a lifetime experience. I loved how the most velvety smooth tom yum soup was served with a side syringe, from which I could make my own noodles in the soup. It is interactive but so refined and with a lot of complex flavours.


Kiin Kiin means “come and eat” and if you can splurge, I really recommend you to come and eat there. But don´t despair, even if your budget is tight, they have opened SEA by Kiin Kiin, a more budget-friendly version, but just as delicious. SEA by Kiin Kiin offers mainly the same dishes as Kiin Kiin but in a different setting.





9. Bæst


Believe it or not, but one of the best pizzas in Europe (sorry, not sorry Italy) is found in Copenhagen at restaurant Bæst. Bæst is loud, lively and fires out gourmet pizzas together with great vibes. Yes, it is a pizza place, but knowing every ingredient is locally grown on a farm 40 km from the restaurant and every cheese or charcuterie is produced house, makes this restaurant so much more than just a great pizza place. It is busy and chaotic, have amazing cocktails and a great atmosphere. It´s not really Danish, not really Italian, but it makes you feel right at home.


Ask any Italian, you can judge a pizza place by its Margarita pizza. And Bæst serves one of the best in the world! With a perfect thin crust, rich homemade tomato sauce and homemade, yes homemade, mozzarella. It might have been the best pizza I´ve ever had.


The pizzas are amazing, the homemade hand-stretched mozzarella is juicy, delicate and nothing like any mozzarella you´ve tried before and the creamy polenta is to die for. Bæst is just amazing and you don´t want to miss out on this place! For the full experience try the tasting menu for 30 Euros or if you just want to try one of the best pizzas you´ll ever have, you´ll get away with just spending 12 Euros.





10. Gorilla


Smack dab in the middle of the hipster packed meatpacking district you find the young, fun and trendy Gorilla. I would recommend the tasting/sharing menu for 39 euros, consisting of 10 tapas-style dishes, excellent to share. With loud music, the hip crowd and the hot but maybe a bit absent-minded stuff you obviously don’t go here only for the food. It is rather the place to go to share good eclectic food, build up the vibes for the evening and get into party mood. Being situated in the meatpacking district, close to many great bars and clubs, it’s the perfect pre-party hangout spot.





11. Gasoline grill


You don´t go to Gasoline Grill to sit, because there is not much of a seating area. You don´t come for the great interior, because it literally looks like a gas station. But you do come for the best organic burgers in the city and fries to die for. Be prepared for a long queue, because yes, the burgers are that great. Go for the butter burger, a burger served with organic danish butter, pickles and onion and the organic fries with vinegar, types of gasoline special sauce, it will be messy, but it will be worth it.







12. Vinhanen


Vinhanen is as Copenhagen as it gets. It´s really a wine bar and a very good one. The wine is organic and the motto is “wine for the people”.  You sit close and cozy and it´s easy to blend into the local crowd and feel like a Dane. It´s vibrant and buzzing, and it serves comfort food for 10 euros per plate. They usually have three different dishes to choose from, all very well executed.



13. Dalle valle


Looking to fill up? Try Dalle Valle, a buffet-style “all you can eat” restaurant. The buffet is large and fresh and really popular with the locals. It is traditional Danish food and for 15 Euros you won´t leave hungry.





14. Magasasa dim sum & cocktails


It won´t get more authentic Chinese in Copenhagen like this. Entering this well-known gem feels like opening the door to one of the Dim Sum places in Shanghai. It´s filled with Chinese patrons, so you know that it´s the real deal. It´s a no-fuss place that specializes in Dim Sum and various cocktails. The price ranges between 4-5 Euro for one serving of Dim Sum and I would recommend 2-3 servings. Go weird and don´t play it safe here, the weirder the dish sounds, the better it is! My favorite is the Cheng Fun, a thin, delicious, steamed rice noodle roll.






15. Yellow


A hidden gem in the bustling neighbourhood of Nørrebro. It is an unpretentious gastro bar with cool vibes and contemporary food. It is your neighbourhood bar with lots of locals, fresh produce and natural wines. As Copenhagen as it gets. The dishes vary from 5-10 Euros each and you will need 2-3 dishes to fill up. The baked beetroots with smoked cream cheese, hazelnut vinaigrette and roasted hazelnuts is a must!





16. Restaurant tolv


A Scandinavian Oasis in the middle of Vesterbro. Nordic cuisine, handpicked produce from Denmark and nerdy wine knowledge is what makes the locals crowd here. It is as great for lunch as for an afternoon snack with a cold glass of wine in the sun or an experimental dinner experience before heading out in Copenhagen´s nightlife. As the menu constantly changes, I can´t give any further recommendations than that. Just go give it a try!



Food markets


17. Reffen Copenhagen street food


Reffen is not only the biggest street food market in the Nordic Countries, it is the place to be. Situated next to the water on the beautiful Refsehaleøn in big industrial containers you find over 50 different food stalls. It is a place where new chefs have their stall for three years while learning how to stand on their own feet and build a restaurant business. Here you can eat food from 18 different nationalities, Danish, Greek, Mexican, Filipino, you name it. You can grab your food and sit anywhere. There are lots of places inside for the chillier days, but when the sun shines over Copenhagen, grab a comfy chair a cold beer and sit back and relax outside enjoying the view over the waters. And why not go for a swim while you´re at it. The locals pilgrim here so come early or bring a blanket to sit on in case all the chairs are taken. My favorite stall is the authentic Mexican stall, Muchos Tacos, which serve hot crispy homemade nachos and delicious homemade tacos.







18. Torvehallerne


Torvehallerne is probably the most well-known market hall in Copenhagen. In a beautiful glass building, you will find around 60 different stalls with everything from hipster coffee to traditional Danish marzipan, pastries and smørrebrød (traditional open-face sandwiches). Grab your morning coffee at Coffee Collective and your pastries at Granny´s House. Make sure to try the Danish treat Romkugle, with chocolate and a light rum flavor. Try what is Considered the best sandwich in Copenhagen, Ma Poule’s duck confit sandwich that definitely lives up to the hype. Head there on a Friday afternoon and try some of the natural wines from Vinvetos winelist and some snacks or an experimental cocktail from Hija de Sanches and indulge in some good times people watching.





19. The bridge


The bridge is a collaboration between Copenhagen Street Food and the owners of the prestigious Noma. It is what I would call, elevated street food, hence the name. The Bridge has 14 food stalls and wine and cocktail bars and features pop-ups and guest chefs from around the world. Try the rich and warming Indian lamb karahi (10 Euros), at Dhaba, which won the European Street Food Award in 2019. Or sink your teeth into baos with tofu or beef or some juicy Singaporean ribs (both 9 Euros) at Mak-Cik, which combines Malaysian and Singaporean food with a Scandinavian twist in the best possible way. Check their website for pop-ups and different events.





Best Bakery


20. Andersen & Maillard

It is not a restaurant, but it is too good to miss out on. Andersen & Maillard has a sleek interior design and Instagram-worthy, inexplicably great baked goods, and is always packed with people. Bite into one of their pastries and you will understand why. Try their heavenly croissants served with home-made soft served ice cream or their perfect bread with home churned butter. But be warned, bread and pastries will never be the same after this!


Which of these cool restaurants in Copenhagen will you try first. Any other awesome restaurants that we missed? Let us know in the comments below.

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The top 20 cool restaurants in Copenhagen The top 20 cool restaurants in Copenhagen The top 20 cool restaurants in Copenhagen

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