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What's Holding You Back?

Hey, I’m Chantell Glenville, the best-selling author of Travel for Your Life.

I know first hand how hard it can be to get everything in place in order to be able to travel, to know what to pack and where to go, let alone how best to go about your travels once on the road.

Here I share everything I’ve learnt so far so you don’t have to learn through as much “trial and error” as I did.

And are free to just enjoy your travels.


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Travel Tips



Some fun, important, facts about me and how I like to travel

(so you can see if we’ll get on)

✔ I speak 4 languages

✔ I have a tendency to get stuck in countries longer than I intent to be

✔ I strongly believe that silliness is underrated

✔ I’ve traveled to 34 countries & counting

✔ The weirder, more off the beaten track or adrenaline filled the better

✔ I don’t like package holidays

If you’re here for beautifully curated insta pictures in pretty dresses, that really isn’t me.

I’ll probably be pulling a stupid face and jumping off something instead

Need Motivation To Make the First Step? Or Convince That Family Member?


Check out the video below. This is why I travel


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