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The travel insurance company that stuck me with a $12,000 bill for surgery
This week I found out that I require surgery but even though I am abroad and have reported it to my travel insruance immediately they are refusing to pay leaving me with a ticking time bomb or a $12,000 bill... Read More
Is it Safe to travel to Bali Right Now? By Someone Actually in Bali
Is it safe to travel to Bali Right Now? A question countless people are asking with the largest volcano in Bali, Mount Agung, having just erupted. But don't just believe the media hype... Read More
An ode to travel on my birthday
Three years ago today I got a phone call telling me I could leave a job that had caused me chronic stress and had for a long time been chipping away at my self-esteem and confidence. It had been a rough year... Read More

Explore the World

Below are all the places I've travelled to so far. South and Central Amercia will be up next as soon as I manage to leave Asia. I spent a lot of time staring at a map like this whilst planning my travels to work out which route I wanted to take.

Where are you going to go? If you're looking for some inspiration check out my favorite places where I show you all the routes I've taken so you can save time when planning where you want to go.

It takes a lot of time to work out where you're going to travel. Whilst I don't advocate over-planning if you have to be home by a certain date working out which route you will take round a country and how long it you'll want to spend in each destination can be really important. Check out my favourtie places for tried and tested routes with essential information on what to see, how long to spend in each location and how to get from place to place.

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