Best Pizza in Bali - The best restaurants in Canggu, Seminyak & Uluwatu

Best Pizza in Bali

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Gawd what a fatty that I can actually about the best pizza in Bali with a solid level of authority now. Especially as someone who prides myself in eating the local food in all the places I go.

But what can I say? I’ve been in Bali too long. It happened. I tried A LOT of pizza.

If you want standard, know what you’re gonna get, like back home pizza you can go to Dominos or Pizza Hut in Bali, I’m not going to judge you, I had Dominos in the north of India. Sometimes you just want something that you know will be like home and won’t give you food poisoning.

But there are SO many better pizzas in Bali.

Hit the links below to jump to the area you’ll be in.


Best Pizza in Bali in

Seminyak | Canggu | Uluwatu


Best Pizza in Seminyak, Bali

1. Wild Habit

A new one and now the official titleholder of the best pizza in Seminyak, if not Bali, according to me (the actual official one for Seminyak is Flat Stanley). It’s not the cheapest but it’s delicious. Their service was a bit hit and miss when we went (i.e. bringing the garlic bread after the pizzas) but that’s like most of Bali. Better to roll with it than get mad.

Wild Habit is also one of the pizza places in Bali that’s into their craft beer.


2. Yamma Yaa (Previously Marzanos)

Until Wild Habit came along this was my favorite pizza in the area. It’s also the one I’m most likely to get as takeout at home since you can order delivery via What’s App making it quick and easy.

Yamma Yaa’s Panzerotis (imagine if a Cornish pasty and a pizza had a baby) are well worth an order as a very fatty starter that is absolutely not needed in any way when already having Pizza for main.

Great chili oil to drizzle on your pizza too.

They’re located on Jalan Arjuna/Double Six road so if you’ve been at the beach in Seminyak all day and can’t be bothered to travel far for pizza on your way home it’s walking distance to stop in at.

I can only apologize for the dreadful picture below. As I mentioned, I usually only get it as takeout.

Best Pizza Bali Seminyak

3. La Baracca

Slightly further out from the center of Seminyak on Batu Belig, La Baracca is the most beautiful of all the restaurants doing good Pizza in Seminyak.

They also have great house wine by the glass at the cheapest price I’ve seen per glass for non-local wine.

Perfect place to go for a date night out.


4. La Casetta

Tucked away in Bumbak Duah between Seminyak and Canggu La Casetta is a lovely restaurant to go to if you want to get away from the crowds for a bit.

Both their pizza and pasta is delicious. Although they do have a few pizzas on the menu that don’t have tomato sauce and there is no warning (other than it’s not in the ingredients list for them which granted is a clue but not something I ever normally check for).


5. Hank’s Pizza & Liquor

Every Tuesday Hanks Pizza & Liquor has 2 for 1 from 5pm-7pm and happy hours on each night of the week from 5pm – 6pm and 9pm – 10pm. They also frequently have live music.

Best place to go for pizza if you want it to feel like the start of your night out rather than a calm sit down meal.


6. Flat Stanley

Flat Stanley is right in the heart of Seminyak around all the shops and luxury hotels. And while that usually comes with a price tag the pizza and craft beer are reasonably priced.

Especially on a Wednesday when it’s 150,000 IDR for pizza and a craft beer.

Flat Stanley Craft Beer Bali Pizza


7. Warung Pepe

Want to know where all the locals get pizza in Bali? This is it. Warung Pepe sells good pizza from just 35,000 IDR a pizza and is packed with locals every night of the week.

As gross as it sounds their Nutella pizza for dessert is actually delightful too.

If you’d rather not leave your house, or haven’t rented a bike in Bali, pizza delivery in Seminyak is easy too. Just download the GoJek app and go to GoFood. 


Best Pizza in Canggu, Bali

1. Luigi’s

Also the best place for nightlife in Canggu on a Monday, Luigi’s has one of the best Pizza bases around and they even sell pizza by the meter if you and your friends want to go together and get your cheese on.


2. La Baracca

La Baracca in the center of Canggu is very similar to the one in Seminyak. The décor is beautiful and atmosphere cozy and intimate while serving up some of the most authentic Italian food you’ll taste in Bali.

If you’re wanting to be really decadent get the Burrata pizza.


3. Da Romeo

While the pizza may be marginally better in Luigi’s and La Baracca, Da Romeo comes with the nicest dining experience. It’s a bit more expensive but the decoration inside is cozy and snug, the staff attentive and the cocktails are some of the best in Bali.

Best Pizza Bali Da Romeo

At the end of your meal, they’ll even give you a free Lemoncello or Baileys too 😊

Best Pizza Canggu Bali


4. Fabbrica

Those who love Fabbrica absolutely love it. I personally find their pizzas somewhat lacking in a sufficient quantity of cheese (if getting a margarita I’d strongly suggest ordering it with extra cheese) and their topping combinations can be a bit hit or miss.

I’m a vegetarian so sometimes order the vegetarian pizzas on menus but when I ordered Fabbrica’s one it came with so many vegetables on I felt like I might as well have ordered a salad! Not my favorite but raved about by many!


5. Garden Canggu by Pizza House

By the same owners as the techno bar down on Batu Bolong.

Garden Canggu used to be the place to go for Pizza in Canggu. With other options popping up daily it’s lost pole position. But it is set in a large garden area with picnic tables and a live band most nights. It’s a bit less hipster Canggu, tucker away over by Echo Beach, just chilled out good vibes and good Pizza.


Best pizza in Uluwatu, Bali

1. La Baracca

La Baracca is also down in Uluwatu (how many restaurants they have in Bali just shows how popular they are).

The restaurant there has a beautiful garden area at the back with fairy lights strung up around it.

Even if I didn’t want Pizza I’d want to go there just to hang out in it.


2. Rolling Fork

A proper authentic Italian restaurant. As well as delicious pizza and pasta for dinner they have a great breakfast selection too with smoothie bowls and smashed avocado on toast.

The interior of Rolling Fork is also beautiful and it has a great atmosphere.


3. Casa Asia

I know a restaurant called Casa Asia isn’t exactly where you’d imagine finding wood-fired pizza but that’s Bali for you.

The pizza and pasta are surprisingly good there but the service has been very slow on occasion when we’ve been before, with members of our party canceling their orders because they got fed up of waiting, so make sure you’ve got time on your hands if you’re going to go.


4. Café La Pasion

Stretching the area of Uluwatu a bit on this one as it’s actually on the road on the way down to Balangan which is a bit of drive from the center for Uluwatu.

Café La Pasion is predominantly a Mexican restaurant but for some reason it also does pizza so if a few of you are going and can’t settle on one type of cuisine it would work perfectly.

They have a swimming pool with inflatable animals in it too for a post-lunch float around or food coma.

Best Pizza Uluwatu Bali


5. Trattoria

Trattoria is a big Italian restaurant chain in Asia. Personally I much prefer the feeling of the more independent restaurants there are to choose from around Bali for pizza and the individuality of each of them but if you want to know you’ll get consistently good pizza and pasta you can’t go wrong with Trattoria.

Think the best pizza in Bali is from somewhere else? Let me know in the comments below and we can fight about it.

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