The Ultimate Guide to Bingin Beach Bali - Getting There, Restaurants & More

Bingin Beach Bali

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Bingin beach, in the Pecatu area, is one of the cutest beaches in Bali by far. Unlike other nearby areas where most of the restaurants and bars are situated upon the cliff looking down in Bingin, they’ve built everything on the cliffside and it makes for a beautiful village feel.


Bingin Beach Bali

Getting There | The Beach | Activities | Restaurants | Where to Stay | Where Next


Getting There

Bingin beach is situated just between the tour bus favourite Dreamland beach and the famous surf beach Padang Padang in the Bukit peninsula.

As with most of Bali, your best bet is to drive a scooter there.

however, Bingin does have accommodation and amenities close enough together that if you just want to get a cab down and then stay in the center of Bingin that would work too.

That’s something of a rarity in Bali and one of the things that make the beach so special.


Bingin Beach (Pantai Bingin)

Arriving at Bingin and working out where to park gets a bit confusing as there aren’t realty any signs so if you see someone else looking like they’re heading for the beach just follow them.

There are a lot of stairs down to the beach but unlike at beaches like Green Bowl where the stairs just go straight down these one wind around and have multiple branches you can take.


All the different brances take you to different restaurants and accommodation but first things first to get your bearings just head straight down to the beach.

The beach itself is longer than you’d image when walking down and although still popular with non-locals, as most beaches are in Bali, the tourists on the beach in Bingin tend to live in the area and be spending more time in Bali. And it completely changes the atmosphere.

On the beach itself, you can get a deck chair, chill on the sand or go out to surf.

Bingin has very chilled out healthy vibes, a bit like Ubud but without all the yoga.



For me, the main fun of bingin is all the cute café’s to explore on the cliff.


There is surfing but the waves at Bingin are advanced. Think steep fast waves and shallow reef. It’s not advised to try to surf here unless it’s a really small day or you’ve got a good amount of experience surfing.

I’ve been surfing for years and I still won’t touch the waves there. The beach is one of the best to relax on and graze all day in the cafés though.



Kellys Warung

This is the most famous of all the cafes on the cliff in Bingin. Serving smoothies and Mezze platters and even offering accommodation Kellys is simple yet cozy, delicious and beautiful.

If you decide to stay your views in the morning will be incredible.

You can see photos of the accommodation for Kellys here but you have to contact them directly to book.

The Sun and Surf Stay

Similar to Kellys, but not Kellys.

It is more gram ‘able  although that takes away some of the rustic charm for me.  They serve healthy smoothie bowls, wraps and even Pizza. And like Kelly’s they also offer accommodation too although it will set you back a bit more.

You can book rooms at The Sun and Surf Stay on Airbnb. If you make your first booking through this link you’ll get £34  ($40 USD) off your booking (full disclosure they give me a reward too).

Sally’s Warung

Closer to a traditional warung than the two above Sally’s warung is a simple place to grab some local food while chilling out on the beach for a day (again they also have accommodation).

That means your food made not come out designed in a way to make it look perfect on the social but it will be delicious, hearty and set you up well for the day.

Lucky Fish

Did someone say beach bbq? As the sun begins to set Lucky Fish set up a bbq on the beach where you can pick whichever reasonably priced seafood they have on offer that day for them to bbq up for you. It will be served with rice and veggies too. If you’re looking for a simple, fresh healthy meal you can’t go far wrong with it.



Cashew Tree

Cashew Tree isn’t on the cliff and is set a bit further back past one of the roads closest to the beach. But it’s one of the most popular restaurants in the whole of Uluwatu and for good reason.

They serve delicious Buddha bowls packed with goodness alongside jugs of margaritas and chocolate treats all in a large garden with benches and comfy sofa areas to sit on. What’s not to love.


Where to Stay


If you want to stay in a hostel you’ll have to venture a bit further away from the beach and would definitely need to be able to drive a scooter.  Leggie’s Bungalow is good reasonably priced private accommodation nearby and will even get you a pool for 280,000 IDR ($20 USD) a night.


Pondok Indah Bungalow Bingin right at the top of the cliff. It’s not as luxurious as you’d expect for 700,000 IDR ($50 USD a night, based on other Bali hotels, but It’s the location and proximity to everything you’re paying for.

Sal Secret Spot isn’t right at the beach area but it’s oh so beautiful. Rooms start from 1,000,000 IDR ($70 USD) night and it’s a minimalist, white-washed dream.


Morabito Art Cliff is stunning and they have private villas right on the clifftop there for 4,000,000 IDR ($250 USD). They even come with a Jacuzzi looking out over the waves.


Where Next

If you haven’t been yet I would personally head to Balangan as that’s one of my favorite beaches in Bali. Padang Padang is just next door though so it’d be very easy to rent a bike and go over there next.

There are plenty of Uluwatu beaches to explore if you’ve got a bit of time in the area.

If you’re wanting really relaxed, give Thomas beach a try.

Uluwatu temple has one of the best viewpoints for sunset in Bali and isn’t too far either.

You could then always head over to the resort area of Nusa Dua afterwards and even onto Benoa harbour and the fast boats to the Gilis.


What’s your favorite thing about Bingin Beach? Let me know in the comments below.

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