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What To Do in Uluwatu

Ask anyone what to do in Uluwatu and the surrounding Bukit area and they’ll say surf and go to Uluwatu temple. The surf is not for the faint hearted in most of that area though as it’s where the waves get the biggest in Bali.

Uluwatu Temple

It’s most popular to go here for sunset and it’s well worth a visit. The temple itself isn’t that impressive but the view is beautiful as you’re high over the sea and the cliffs. If you’re choosing between here and Tanah Lot I’d recommend picking Uluwatu Temple to go to. The views are so much more beautiful and there are far fewer tourists.

What To Do In Uluwatu

Sunset at Uluwatu Temple.

What To Do In Uluwatu Temple

What To Do In Uluwatu Temple Sunset

Watch out for the monkey’s here though, they are cheeky f**ckers who will try to steal anything they can from you. When I was there before one actually leapfrogged across my back to try to steal a phone out of my friend’s hand. Don’t underestimate the moneys there. Put all sunglasses, glasses, jewellery, phones etc. away and definitely do not carry food of any description, especially not in your bag unless you’re ok with a monkey stealing the whole bag to get to the food. This might be part of the reason why I dislike monkeys.

Beaches and Surfing around Uluwatu and the Bukit

The beaches like Uluwatu, Impossibles and Padang Padang are world renowned surf spots for a reason. It wouldn’t be recommended to surf there if you’re just learning to surf.

What To Do In Uluwatu Surf

Some of the beaches in that area can still provide a good spot for beginner lessons, such as Balangan beach, but only when the swell is small as when there are big waves in Bali, this is the area in which the waves are the biggest, by far.

What To Do In Uluwatu Balangan

This is Balangan on a big day.

What To Do In Uluwatu Surfing Balangan Beach

If you want to find deserted beaches, this is the area to explore. Search around enough and you and a friend could enjoy a day on the beach with the company of only a handful of other people.

I can’t tell you where those beaches are though as that would some what ruin the point. Hire a bike for a day and go explore.


How Long to Stay in Uluwatu and The Bukit Area, Bali

You can go to Uluwatu Temple just for an afternoon for sunset but there are loads of beautiful beaches to explore in the area and if you surf it’s a great place to spend some time so give yourself a few days to explore.



How to Get From Nusa Dua to Lombok

You can fly straight into Lombok in Indonesia or take a fast boat/slow boat over from Bali. The benefit of taking the slow boat is if you’re going back to Bali afterwards you can drive your scooter there, with your surfboard on and back again. Plus the slow boat is cheaper.


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