The 25 Best Beach Clubs in Bali - Uluwatu, Seminyak, Canggu & More

The 25 Best Beach Clubs in Bali

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There are so many beach clubs in Bali most are fancy but not all, some are still pretty chilled out. Even if you’re traveling on a budget it’s well worth visiting at least one while you’re in Bali for a proper pool day. It’s not the same as staying at your hotel.

As there are so many I’ll group them by area so you can jump to the part of Bali you’ll be in.

UPDATE: A lot of beach clubs in Bali are temporarily closed at the moment due to COVID-19 however things are starting to slowly open up again now. It’s best to check the website of any beach club before going for their current status with everything changing so frequently at the moment. I can tell you that Azul Beach Club in Seminyak and Como Beach Club in Canggu/Echo Beach are open again at the moment.


Best Beach Clubs in Bali

Uluwatu | Jimbaran | KutaSeminyak | Batu Belig | Berawa | Canggu | Echo Beach | SanurNusa Dua | Keramas


Beach Clubs in Uluwatu & The Bukit

Below are all of the best beach clubs in the south of Bali from Ulu Cliffhouse, actually in Uluwatu, to those directly south near Pandawa, Greenbowl, and Melasti Beaches to El Kabron further up in Bingin on the West Coast of the island.

Ulu Cliffhouse

Ulu Cliffhouse is much smaller than a lot of the other beach clubs around and has a really relaxed, and non-pretentious vibe. At some other places, it can feel a bit like people are there to be seen but Ulu’s is just people hanging out in a nice location with incredible views over the Bali Cliffs.

Beach Clubs Bali Uluwatu

Plus even better they have a little extra bit of the beach club down the cliff right by the sea.

Ulu Cliff House Beach Club

Although it’s very relaxed during the day they also have special party nights, with some of the best DJs in the world, which you’ll easily see if you’re staying around the area as they’ll put up signs all over the Bukit to advertise.

 Best Beach Clubs Bali

Ulu Cliffhouse entrance fee: There’s no entrance fee to Ulu Cliffhouse. You can sit at the bar, or the restaurant, and use the pool for free as long as you buy some food or drinks. If you’d like a day bed they only have big double ones that fit 2 people lying down and 4 comfortably sitting, although I think you’re allowed 6 to a bed.

The minimum spend for the day beds is 1,500,000 IDR but there’s no separate charge for the beds themselves so if you’re going to have a few drinks there it’s probably worth just getting the bed.

Ulu Cliff House Bali 

Omnia Dayclub Bali

Omnia is one of the most expensive beach clubs I’ve been to in terms of entrance fees/minimum spend and prices for drinks.

Omnia Beach Club Bali

Like Ulu Cliffhouse the view over the cliff is spectacular and one of their biggest selling points is their bar that juts out over the cliff. The sushi was incredible in their restaurant Sake No Hana but the drinks were very expensive (even by beach club standards).

Bali Beach Club Omnia

They have a lot of international DJs that come to play there too. And you can get a bit of the sunset view from the pool and bar.

Entrance Fee for Omnia: The Entrance fee for Omnia is 200,000 IDR per person and that just allows you to walk in the door. You aren’t allowed to use the pool or sit on the sofas.

Minimum spend to go the restaurant is 363,000 IDR per person. That means you don’t have to pay the entrance fee and can spend that money on food and drinks instead. That spend then allows you to use the pool and the bar area too as well as getting you a seat in the restaurant (pic below of where we were sat).

 Sake No Hana Omnia Bali

The minimum spend for a day bed at Omnia is 1,200,000 IDR (before taxes and charges at 21%) plus you have to reserve in advance.


Sundays Beach Club

Sundays is one of the few beach clubs in the area that has its own private sandy beach. The entrance is located right on the top of a cliff but then they take you down in a funicular.

They do get busy so best to arrive early to make sure you’re able to get in, by mid-day they may well be full.

Sundays Entrance Fee: 400,000 to 450,000 IDR with 200,000 to 250,000 IDR that can be used towards food and drinks.

They also have kayaks, stand up paddleboards and snorkels you can borrow down on the beach, free of charge, for a more active day on the beach rather than your average beach club where it’s just spent eating and drinking.


oneeighty beach club and skypool

oneeighty beach club and skypool (that’s not a typo, they don’t like capital letters in their name it seems!) is the one with that pool you’ve seen from the photos jutting out over the cliff.

It’s up very high, has a glass bottom and the views are spectacular.

oneeighty beach club entrance fee: Here they have VIP and regular entrance which means you’re sat in different areas of the club. Rather than paying per bed, it’s per person. For VIP it’s 650,000 IDR per person (with 550,000 IDR that can be used for food and drink) and for normal it’s 450,000 IDR (with 350,000 IDR that can be used for food and drink).

Strangely at oneeighty they have a limit on how long you’re allowed your beds for (6 hours in VIP and 4 in regular) whereas most beach clubs just allow you to sit until you’re done.


Palmilla Beach Club – Melasti Beach

The newest addition to the Bali beach club scene is Palmilla. It’s so new in fact it doesn’t even have a website yet. But you can check them out in all their full beauty on Facebook.

Situated down on the super chilled out and quiet Melasti beach if a busy beach club day doesn’t float your boat definitely be sure to check this one out.

Entrance fee: There’s no entrance fee or minimum spend at the moment as they’ve just opened so make the most of it while you can. 

Roosterfish – Pandawa Beach Club

Roosterfish Beach Club is one of the most local and non-pretentious beach clubs in Bali that I’ve been to. It’s down on Pandawa beach surrounded by local places selling nasi goreng and the usual cheap local bites.

 Bali Beach Clubs

It’s such a little gem tucked away there.

The club is linked to the Renaissance Bali Uluwatu Resort and Spa so people staying there get free access and are shuttled down from the impressive looking hotel. For non-residents as long as you abide by the minimum spend you’ll be more than welcome to use the facilities too.

 Rooster Fish Pandawa Beach Club

The food is wonderful there with oysters, poke bowls and a wide varity of western fare.

And for those craving a craft beer in Bali (not that easy to find) they have bottles of Summer Solstice and Tautara on the menu as well as a range of cocktails like Aperol Spritz and Sangria.

Bali Beach Club Restaurants

Roosterfish Beach Club minimum spend: for a beanbag 150,000 IDR, for a single day bed 350,000, for a cabana bed 1,000,000 IDR.

It’s worth noting the price changed depending on who we asked and all the day beds were full when we went so they allowed use the Cabana without being subject to the usual minimum spend but we got there anyway.

Pandawa Beach Club Bali 

El Kabron – Bingin Beach Club

El Kabron beach club, over by Bingin just a bit further north from Padang Padang and before you hit Balangan, is absolutely stunning. It’s very sleekly decorated and has some of the best Spanish food around.

El Kabron Entrance Fee: There’s no entrance fee for El Kabron but like most beach clubs there’s a minimum spend for their different types of seating. If you’re on a budget you’ll have more options for a lesser spend though as they have single beds and beanbags with a minimum spend of 500,000 IDR per person.

If you’re with more people they have sofas for 5 people for 1,500,000 and double day beds for 6 people for 2,000,000

When talking about beach clubs in the south of Bali people might also mention Single Fin in Uluwatu and The Rock Bar at the Ayana Resort. Both of which have incredible views for sunset drinks but they aren’t beach clubs, there are no pools and loungers. Just good drinks and views.


Jimbaran Beach Clubs

Ibiza in Bali

Ibiza in Bali overlooks Kelan Beach, down in Jimbaran, which is a sandy beach with beautiful, clear, turquoise water. Very different from the views of the ocean you’ll get at the beach clubs in Canggu. It’s a Spanish Beach club with Paella, tapas and tortillas. They also have DJ nights too, to make sure they live up to their Ibiza name!

Ibiza in Bali Entrance Fee: There’s no entrance fee for Ibiza in Bali and the minimum spend for day beds changes by time of year so best to check with them directly before going.


Kuta Beach Clubs

Azul Beach Club

A bit of a different one, Azul Beach Club is like a massive Tikki hut. There’s a restaurant area downstairs but the beach club bit is situated upstairs, with the pool and more restaurant space too.

There aren’t a lot of daybeds by the pool though so get there early if you do want to chill for the day. It’s just back from the beach, and high up, so it would be the perfect spot to watch sunset from. From 12-4pm every Sunday they have an all you can eat bbq too.

Azul Beach Club Entrance Fee: There’s no entrance fee but a minimum spend of 150,000 IDR for sunbeds. It’s free to use the pool if buying food or drink.


Seminyak Beach Clubs

Potato Head Beach Club

The OG of beach clubs in Bali. Potato Head has been around for years and has the coolest building of them all for sure.

The infinity pool looks straight out onto the beach and it’s in the perfect location for sunset.

They have good club nights there with lots of international DJs that are far too cool for my taste in music but very popular.

Potato Head Beach Club: No entrance fee but it’s 500,000 IDR minimum spend for a single day bed. 800,000 IDR minimum spend for a cabana which can be split between 4 – 6 of you. If you go in for drinks and food you can use the facilities for free. 

Mrs Sippy

Mrs Sippy got my attention as soon as they opened with all their photos featuring inflatable unicorns and flamingos in the pool. Sadly there were none of these animals still alive when I visited, but they did still have beanbags to float around on.

Mrs Sippy Seminyak Beach Club

Mrs Sippy is perfect if you’re with a group of friends, or kids, and want to mess about for the day as they have diving boards to keep you entertained. And as a result, it feels a little less serious and calm than some of the other beach clubs.

Mrs Sippy Entrance Fee: There is a set entrance fee, no matter if you’re renting a day bed or not, of 100,000 IDR. On top of that, it’s then 600,000 IDR minimum spend for regular daybeds and 1,000,000 IDR for their premium ones. 

Ku De Ta

Ku De Ta is just around the corner from Mrs Sippy. It’s not really geared towards lounging all day, although similar to Potato head it is right on the beach so has a great view.

If you’ve spent the day jumping off diving boards at Mrs Sippy and want a relaxing drink it would be perfect to walk round to for sunset.

Ku De Ta Entrance Fee: There’s no entrance fee and no minimum spend for the daybeds. 

Mano Beach Club

Based near the other main Seminyak beach clubs Mano has a completely different feel to it. The building has a tiki hut feel and the atmosphere is much more relaxed. There are beanbags throughout, with proper tables to sit at when dining.

It’s right on the beach too if you fancy running down to the sea but they have a pool as well. You’ll also be very close to the Seminyak nightlife if you fancy going straight out afterwards.

Entrance fee for Mano: There’s no entrance fee to use their facilities. Food and drink just needs to be bought. To use the beanbags there’s a 100,000 minimum spend.


Cocoon Beach Club

I don’t know if I’d really class Cocoon as a Beach Club despite it saying that in the name. It’s right on the road, which whist SugarSand is too that feels a lot more relaxing.

For me, Cocoon Beach Club is more somewhere you’d go if you really want access to a pool with a sunlounger by it and don’t happen to have that where you’re staying at the moment. It’s the most budget friendly Seminyak option and near one of the best Seminyak breakfast options too.

Cocoon Seminyak Bali

Cocoon Beach Club Entrance Fee: There is no entrance fee and drinks are reasonably priced with happy hours every day. It’s the cheapest beach club I’ve been to in Bali. 

SugarSand Beach Club

Also down by Double 6 Beach in Seminyak is SugarSand Beach Club. They’re right on the small beach road so the view from the daybeds at the pool isn’t the best but it’s still surprisingly relaxing there.

Sugar Sand Beach Club

The cocktails are great too and they do sushi. Plus they have some club nights with big DJs.

Sugar Sand Entrance Fee: There’s no entrance fee for Sugar Sand. For a double daybed, by the pool, the minimum spend is 500,000. You could easily fit 4 on a one if you’re looking to do a beach club on the cheap.


Batu Belig 

Tropicola Beach Club

Tropicola is run by the same owners as Motel Mexicola, the famous Seminyak night time spot.

It’s situated right on Pantai Batu Belig with stark white decor, a bright blue pool and pops of red and yellow everywhere bringing some very 80s Miami beach club vibes where you expect to see the women walking around in high waisted bikinis and the men in tight swimming briefs and pulled up white socks. It’s Bali though, so you might well see that anyway.

Tropicola Beach Club Batu Belig

They have nights on Fridays, trying to compete with The Lawn for the top Canggu night out, with happy hour drink deals to entice people to stay.

Tropicola Entrance Fee: There’s no entrance fee for Tropicola. For daybeds, the minimum spend is 400,000 IDR per group. 

Berawa Beach Clubs

Cafe del Mar

The famous Ibiza beach club, Café Del Mar, is now in Bali. And it’s massive.

Best Beach Clubs in Bali

The big sprawling mass of the beach club is situated on the outskirts of Berawa as you come in from Seminyak.

 Cafe Del Mar Beach Club Bali

Café Del Mar Entrance Fee: There’s an entrance fee of 150,000 IDR (redeemable on food and drinks) and for daybeds there’s a minimum spend of 2,000,000 IDR for a cabana up to 25,000,000 IDR for a master suite for 30 people. You can book the beds online. For the restaurant and bar, there’s no minimum spend but there’s a max stay of 2 hours.

Cafe Del Mar Bali

Vue Beach Club

I love this place. Mostly because it’s a hidden Bali gem, so I almost don’t want to tell you about it but that would be selfish so here you are. At the top of Lv8 hotel is the Vue Beach Club.

 Beach Club Lv8

The views from it are incredible as it’s higher up than the other beach clubs around so you get a much wider view of the surrounding area. They have a huge array of original cocktails and because it’s less well known it’s perfect for a quiet day lounging by the pool.

 Vue Beach Club Bali

Entrance Fee for Vue Beach Club: There’s no entrance fee and if you go for lunch first the staff will more than likely just let you use the facilities, including sunbeds, for free afterwards.

If you go in just to use the pool and day beds there will be a minimum spend of 300,000 for the smallest ones

Canggu Beach Clubs Sunset 

Finns Beach Club – Normal and VIP

Finns now has two parts to its beach club, normal Finns and Finns VIP. Unlike other beach clubs where the VIP part is just a priority section of seating Finns VIP has it’s whole own section with 2 different swimming pools and a separate entrance.

The VIP beach view from the pool is much better than in the normal section.

Finns Beach Club Bali

The regular part of Finns can get quite rowdy now due to its popularity and is where a lot of people on holiday go to party during the day.

Canggu Beach Clubs

Finns VIP is much more relaxed and calm with quieter music. And from VIP you can always pop into the normal area when you want to mingle with the madness. Plus you get free water all day in the VIP part which personally I think makes the slightly additional cost worth it as you would, or at least you should, spend that on water anyway.

The food is really good at Finns too although, as you’d expect, not the cheapest of the restaurant options around the Canggu area.

Finns Beach Club Vip

Finns Entrance Fee: There’s no entrance fee just to go into the usual bar or restaurant areas but for any types of day beds there are minimum spends. It’s much cheaper to book daybeds if you book in advance online and arrive before 3pm.

After 3pm some prices are more than double.

There are so many options of beds available but pre-booked for before 3pm arrival they range from 650,000 up to 3,000,000 (VIP starts from 750,000 IDR). That’s all money you can spend on food and drink though which you’ll easily get through if spending a day there.

Finns Beach Club Sunset 

Canggu Beach Clubs

Alternative Beach Club

Located on the main road in Canggu, Jalan Batu Bolong, Alternative Beach Club is very handily located if you don’t fancy lying on the black sand beach, trying not to cut your feet on the reef each time you dip into the water and fighting the waves.

It’s hands down my favourite beach club in Canggu.

Alternative Beach Club Bali

They team up with Luigi’s Hot Pizza on Saturdays as well to throw pool parties (minimum spend 100,000 IDR). And they have movie nights on Mondays.

This will be a particuarly good option for you if you haven’t rented a scooter in Bali as it’s right in the centre of Canggu so easily walkable to other places before and after.

 Canggu Beach Clubs Bali

Alternative Beach Entrance Fee: There’s 100,000 IDR minimum spend per person for Alternative Beach but that can be used for a single day bed (50,000 IDR), double day bed (100,000 IDR) or on food and drink.

Alternative Beach Canggu 

The Lawn

One of Canggu hotspots for Friday nights out, The Lawn is also a beach club by day. There are bean bags laid out across the fake grass and cabanas for rent too and a pool with waveside views to enjoy.

Upstairs is a beautiful deck where you can look down on all the cute umbrellas below and get one of the best views around for sunset.

The Lawn Canggu Nightlife

Entrance Fee for the Lawn: There’s no entrance fee but there’s a minimum spend for beach chairs of 350,000 IDR and 750,000 plus for daybeds and cabanas, which are more expensive on Saturday and Sunday. 

Echo Beach

Como Beach Club

Located at the Como Uma Hotel in Echo Beach, at the end of Pantai Batu Mejan, there’s no entrance fee for Como Beach Club to go in and have a drink or eat some food.

It’s much quieter than the other beach clubs around and has a slightly older crowd too so great for a relaxing afternoon.

To gain access to the pool area you have to email them.

Como Beach Club Entrance Fee: None


La Brisa

La Brisa looks like the shabby chic beach bars you find in India and Thailand, except it’s actually a beach club with prices to match. It’s cheaper than Finns but still got a premium cost on everything and you’ll easily get through the minimum spend.

The decoration gives it a bit more personality than a lot of beach clubs around and the sunsets from there are incredible. They have good house DJs play on Fridays as well.

La Brisa Entrance Fee: None but there’s a minimum spend of 500,000 IDR per person for the beanbags and sofa beds downstairs.


East Bali Beach Clubs

Nusa Dua

Agendaz Beach Club

If you’ve just gone down to Nusa Dua for the day it’s worth popping into Agendaz for a bit. It’s large, has very reasonably priced drinks for a beach club and is just by the beach.

It’s a good spot for sunbathing in the area as, while you can sit on the beach one side of Nusa Dua, the other side you’ll struggle to find anywhere you’re allowed with all the private beaches for the resorts around.

Agendaz Beach Club Entrance Fee: There’s no entrance fee but a minimum spend on daybeds.



Artotel Beach Club

Artotel Beach Club (also known as ABC) is a chilled out beach club over in Sanur.

The beach club backs up right on the beach and has a two-tier swimming pool with swim up bar to while away the day at. Sanur in general is a bit quieter and if you want time to slow down while you chill out for the day ABC will be a perfect choice for you.

Entrance fee for Artotel Beach Club: There’s no entrance fee but a minimum spend of 150,000 for a sun lounger for the day.



Komune Beach Club

Right on Keramas surf beach is Komune Beach Club.

Komune Beach Club Bali

If you’re in Bali in rainy season it’s worth spending some time exploring the east coast of Bali as all the rubbish washes up onto the beaches on the west coast that time of year.

East Bali Beach Clubs

The pool is beachfront and if your budget extends to it, you can stay there too.

Keramas Beach Club Bali

Komune Beach Club Entrance Fee: There’s no entrance fee but a minimum spend on day beds of 300,000 IDR (for max 3 people) that can be used on food and drink. To go in the restaurant or bar there’s no minimum spend.


What do you think is the best Beach Club in Bali? Let me know in the comments below.

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