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Your Insider's Guide to the Best Nightlife in Tel Aviv

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Endless nights that turn into early mornings, cocktails in all colors, shapes, and flavors, sweat, smiles, laughter and dancing until you can´t dance anymore. That’s what Tel Aviv nightlife is all about. Bars, clubs, live music, happy hour, you´ll find them in every street, in every corner of the city. And yet they are all original, with their own special vibe, their own regulars, their specific crowd and even if you´re not one of the crowd, you´ll easily become one. It´s all there. Tel Aviv nightlife scene leaves nothing to wish for and it embraces you with open arms.



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Tel Aviv bars

The bars of Tel Aviv range from eclectic New York style underground bars to fancy-schmancy cocktail bars. At either end of that spectrum, you usually need to either know the right people or have the right look. But don´t worry, Tel Aviv’s bar scene is so packed with amazing bars, that there is no way you won’t find the perfect middle-ground one for you that won’t be all diva about who you are or what you look like. …unless that’s your thing.


1. Tepale

Shlomo HaMelech 2, Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel

You don´t go to Tel Aviv without visiting a mizrahit bar. They play Israeli pop music on high volume, people are dancing on chairs and tables, napkins are being thrown around and the free shots are flowing.

Tepale is the place that you’d go for the authentic Tel Avivian vibes. The music is always in Hebrew and always in happy notes. You´re handed a free drink if there is a line and the staff gives you the warmest Israeli welcome. You will feel right at home and as you leave they will definitely try to make your stay. Tepale has a great happy hour with 2 for 1 on all drinks (including pitchers, whaaaat!). To get the most bang for your buck and to blend in with the locals get a pitcher of Arak Lemonade (arak limonim) and just go with the flow. It´s the perfect place to start the evening. Usually, the place empties out around 23.30, which is your sign that it’s to hit the dance clubs on Dizengoff or Rothschild.


2. Imperial craft cocktail bar

66 HaYarkon Street

Hidden inside the Imperial Hotel, you find a place that takes you straight back to the prohibition era. Imperial Craft Cocktail Bar has been crowned as the “Best Bar in Africa and the Middle East” and it really is the top of the line when it comes to craft cocktails. In other words, hands down one of the best cocktail bars in Tel Aviv. Usually, the music varies from jazz to rock ´n´roll and the bartenders really know how to attend to the customers. The cocktails are impeccable and so is the Asian-colonial inspired food. It is small and cozy and super popular, so book a table or be prepared for some waiting time. Cocktails are served at special prices during happy hour every day between 6-8 pm.



3. Uganda

Simtat Beit Habat 5

Uganda is a hipster’s paradise. It is a bar, a cafe, a book and record store, and a live music venue all in one. In Uganda alcohol meets great food and culture. This hidden gem is located in a small alley close to Rothschild Boulevard. There is always some kind of event going on in Uganda, like an art exhibition, a comic book sale, or an up-and-coming band playing. The atmosphere is super chill and the people are always friendly.


4. Schpagat

Nahalat Binyamin Street 43

Schpagat is located smack down in the middle of the lively pedestrian street Nachalat Binyamin. Although Shpagat (meaning “splits” in gymnastics in Hebrew) – is a popular vibrant gay bar it doesn´t discriminate. Their slogan is “you don´t have to be gay to have a good day” and it literally draws people of all shapes, sizes, and forms. The music varies along with the DJ´s visiting from around the world and the cocktails are fabulously delicious. But you don´t go there for that as much as for the happy vibe. It´s lit up in the colors of the pride flag and impossible to miss.




All night clubs in Tel Aviv have a cover fee. How much is relative, play your cards well and it will be less. Average entrance fee is 30-50 NIS, around (9 – 15 USD). Playing your cards right basically means to be friendly and use your smile. If there´s an opportunity to flirt – take it.


5. Sputnik Bar

Allenby street 122

Sputnik Bar is my absolute favorite Tel Aviv nightclub. You can go there any day of the week and be sure that it´s going to be poppin´. Sputnik has it all, a nice outdoor beer garden, where food is mixed with drinks smiles, and expectations of what direction the night will take. It has a smaller bar with a dancefloor where hip hop and R´n´B usually is played, a room that is used for different art exhibitions and happenings, and a techno dancefloor for the late nighters. And rest assured it´s easy to find yourself confused about how the hours flew by and the night turned into early morning.


6. Drama Bar 

Nahalat Binyamin 52

Another one of my favorites, with a similar setting like Sputnik Bar, is Drama bar. Drama bar entered the Tel Avivian nightlife scene with a bang. It simply has it all, a hip hop and R´n´B dancefloor, a nice outdoor area, great food and an upstairs techno dance floor. The line can be massive as it is one of the Tel Avivian´s favorite nightclubs. It stays open until the early hours of the morning and really is a must go-to-place. Don´t expect amazing cocktails but expect awesome vibes, great fun, good music and sweaty nights.



7. The Hive 

Rotschild 33

The Hive is a relatively new star in the Tel Avivian nightlife sky but is already one of the best clubs in Tel Aviv. With a top-of-the-line bustling rooftop bar and a techno dancefloor that draws DJs from all over the country, this place has become THE place to be. The bartenders serve you with a smile, the view is unbeatable and the pulse is never-ending.


8. Meli Melo 

Yavne Street 42

To get to Meli Melo you have to find your way through a maze that basically tours the whole hotel, but once you finally reach it, it´s well worth the slightly confusing entrance. Meli Melo has the vibes of a beach bar in a tropical place, palm trees, gold, and pink walls surround the huge centerpiece pool. It´s the place to see and be seen at. Music varies from everything from middle eastern tunes to popular to R´n`B and techno. The food is truly something well worth trying and the cocktails are prepared with finesse.



9. Kuli Alma 

Mikve Israel St 10

Kuli Alma is almost a Tel Avivian institution that draws tourists from all over the world and locals from all over the country. If you have ever read a travel guide on Tel Aviv, it is most surely mentioned. It is a maze of art exhibitions mixed with pop-up tattoo parlors, more art exhibitions, pizza, alcohol slushies, live performances, and even tree huts.

The music varies, but there are several dancefloors so you´ll most likely find something you like. It is crazy, it is eclectic, and it has something for everyone. Make sure to try the Tubi 60 (a local Israeli spirit made from 60 different natural ingredients such as herbs and fruits) slushy, but be prepared it might taste like ice cream, but it hits like alcohol.


10. Bavel

Mikveh Israel 5

Bavel is also one of the newcomers to the nightlife scene of Tel Aviv. Like most other places it is a mix of a bar and a dancefloor. It is located right next to Kuli Alma but usually draws a different crowd. As the evening turns into the night a third room opens up, almost like a secret room, with an underground techno/house nightclub.



11. Voodoo bar

Ben Tzion Street 2

Voodoo Bar is one of my favorite places in the Dizengoff Area. With a huge outdoor seating area, with nice food and great cocktail and sometimes live music and an indoor bar and dancefloor (mostly techno music) it has taken Tel Aviv by storm. The best day to go is Fridays, but any day of the week works. On Sundays, it is karaoke night, but usually, all songs are in Hebrew. It doesn’t matter though, the vibes are amazing, everyone is singing and hugging each other, laughing, and just having a great time. Well worth a visit!


12. Haiku

Ben Yehuda St 1

Haiku Sky Bar has THE view. You can see Tel Aviv from above and in all different directions. As if that wasn´t enough it is also the place for the beautiful people, the perfect cocktails, and super delicious Asian food. It is expensive and it draws the more upscale crowd, but in true Tel Avivian spirit, everyone is welcome. If your vibe isn´t to mingle with models and Tel Aviv’s wealthy people this place isn´t for you, but if it is, it is worth every penny.


13. Teder 

Derech Yafo 9

Wow. I don´t even know how to start describing this place. First of all, it is super hard to find, as it is hidden behind what looks like closed industrial doors and it is located just a few footsteps away from the bustling Rotschild Boulevard. Once you actually find the entrance, you would maybe assume that it would be a shady underground place. Instead, you open the doors to the most beautiful and vibrant yard. Teder has everything. It is not only a nightclub but also hosts several bars, the most mouthwatering pizza (read about it in my Tel Aviv food  post ), it hosts pop up markets, events, reggae festivals, afrobeat concerts, Arabian nights and so on and so forth. There is no end to the creativity of Teder and regardless of which day of the week it is, you will not be disappointed.



Late night/ Early morning clubs



14. The Block

Schalma Road 157

Everyone talks about the Block. It is Tel Aviv’s Berghain, with several dancefloors and bars, a hard entrance selection that makes you question every detail of your outfit, strict rules, and people dancing until 10 am. The Block takes commitment, but the best nights there are always the spontaneous ones. The rule of no phone is the most important to remember. If you want to check your phone, do so in the bathroom. Any phone on the dance floor can lead to you, just like in the movies, being thrown out on your ass. And to make it even more clear on how strict this rule is, you will also be banned from reentering. Ever!

It is located in the Central Bus Station and the area is a bit shady, so it is not recommended to leave the club alone or on foot.

As the Block is THE Club, the entrance fee varies from 100-130 NIS (30-40 USD). You need to bring an ID. It is only open on Thursdays and Fridays. Thursdays are usually trance nights and Fridays house and techno, but make sure to check before going.


15. Breakfast Club

Rotschild 6

Breakfast Club is an underground club. It is smoke-filled, you hardly see where you put your feet, and the DJs are high-end. It is not the place you come to if you want to sit and have a drink at the bar. You come here to dance until sunrise, or even after sunrise. It has a hardcore selection at the entrance so be prepared. Don´t try to negotiate, it will make it worse. If and when you´ll be allowed to enter you will be told so. Begging and nagging won´t get you anywhere.



Pro tip

The nightlife in the city can be overwhelming, where to go, when to go, how to get in etc etc. Luckily I found TLV Nights. TLV Nights and amazing Ido, with his equally amazing guides, will guide you in the jungle that is the Tel Aviv Nightlife. TLV  Nights organizes pub crawls both in Rothschild area and the Dizengoff area. But not the typical pub crawl that probably comes to mind, with drunk people throwing up left to right, shitty places, and watery free drinks. No this is something else! TLV Nights takes pride in guiding you between the bars and clubs that draw the locals. They´re always on top of their game and gives you a night you´ll never forget. You´ll make new friends (even locals join the pub crawl), you pass all the hectic lines, you don´t pay the entrance fee and you get some free drinks and shots along the way. It was actually so good that I joined several times and I was told this usually happens to most people that join. I can´t express enough how an amazing and fun experience it is and I highly recommend you to join! The price is 85 NIS (25 USD) and includes entrance to 4 different bars and clubs, 1 free drink, and 5 free shots.


What’s your first stop for an epic Tel Aviv Nightlife experience? Let us know in the comments below

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