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The 8 Best Hostels in Tel Aviv

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Tel Aviv Israel – the city that has it all, beaches, beautiful people, incredible food, insane nightlife, good vibes and a mix of cultures like nowhere else. It is the place to visit.

Unlike a lot of other places in the Middle East (and even some parts of Israel), Tel Aviv is safe. I would even stretch it so far, that I would say I have never felt so safe in any place I´ve travelled to. However, it is expensive and expensive might not be the first thing that comes to mind when you´re thinking about backpacking. But there are ways to make it cheaper and one way is to stay in hostels. A bed in a dorm costs on average $25 per night, and a private room for a couple of costs on average $90 per night. The good thing with hostels in Tel Aviv is that they generally keep a good standard. Some hostels I would even say keep the standard of hotels and luckily tourism has been booming in Israel and there are a lot of options to choose from.

To easily sift through the jungle of hostels and areas in Tel Aviv just follow my guide below and you´ll easily find the hostel best fit for your needs and everything else that Tel Aviv offers.


The 8 Best Hostels in Tel Aviv

Good to know | Rotschild Area | Abraham hostelLittle Tel Aviv Hostel | Beach area | The Spot Hostel | Hayarkon 48 | 180 Boutique Hostel | South Tel AvivFlorentine House | Florentine Backpackers Hostel | Old Jaffa | Old Jaffa Hostel


Good to know

1. Most hostels in Tel Aviv keep a good standard, but usually, towels are not included. They can however be rented for a small fee. If you´re trying to save wherever you can, I suggest you bring your own towel.

2. Breakfast is included in all hostels. And it is not the regular cereal and milk you are used to. Here we are talking full middle eastern breakfast, with fresh vegetables, eggs, bread, olives, cheese and so on. Breakfast is included and rich makes it easier to save money on other meals.

3. Tel Aviv is a beach city. This means that communal showers can be sandy and even if the staff usually does their best to keep them clean it might be a good thing to bring flip flops or slippers for the shower.

4. Most hostels have lockers, but you need to bring your own padlock. If you don´t have one it usually costs around 4 USD to buy one.

5. A lot of the hostels have a different kinds of activities on different days, such as walking tours, market tours, Shabbat dinners, stand up comedy and cooking classes. Make sure to check the different websites for their schedule while you´re in Tel Aviv, to get the most out of your stay.

6. If you are going during winter, November to February, be aware that Israeli houses are built to keep cool, as the summers get really hot. In others words, it can get really cold indoors in winter. Add warm clothes and a pajama to your hostel packing list.

7. Tel Aviv city is known for its bustling nightlife. Something to keep in mind, when choosing between a dorm and a private room. Or you know, at least bring earplugs, if you are sensitive to people coming into the room in the middle of the night or early morning rather.

8. A lot of the hostels offers shuttles to Ben Gurion Airport so check that if you are flying late at night or on Shabbat, when no public transport is running.

9. All hostels offer free wi-fi, but there is also free wi-fi throughout the city. Unfortunately, the city Wi-Fi doesn´t work without flaws and I would recommend getting an Israeli pre-paid sim card for your time in Israel. It is sold in most kiosks and comes pretty cheap depending on the amount of data you want.



Rotschild Area

Rotschild Boulevard is located in the heart of Tel Aviv and is basically a city strollers paradise. Not only does it have great historical value, but it has also become the center of pretty much everything in Tel Aviv. Here you find shops, nightlife, restaurants and Tel Aviv´s financial center. If you want to get away from the beach and stay in a more urban area, this is the place. Yet it´s only around 15 min walk from the beach.


1. Abraham hostel 

Levontin 21, Average price per bed: 84 NIS/25 USD

Newly renovated and located in the beating heart of the city, this hostel has over 350 beds to choose from, dorms, private rooms and rooms for bigger groups. All rooms have AC, free Wifi, en-suite bathrooms and of course breakfast included. The really cool hostel bar, which also attracts locals is open daily, with weekly events and even a stage that regularly hosts local artists. The hostel has a fully equipped communal kitchen, shared lounge area and a rooftop with spectacular urban views.  The hostel is within walking distance of the beach, Old Jaffa (the old city), the edgy hipster Florentine neighbourhood, Levinsky market and the city’s main cultural attractions. The hostel is well located for public transport.



2. Little Tel Aviv Hostel

Yehuda HaLevi 51, Average price per bed: 106 NIS/32 USD

Little Tel Aviv opened in 2015 with stylish modern rooms and both indoor and outdoor communal areas. The hostel organizes different social events and has a cool bar downstairs called Hostel 51. It has been voted the best hostel in Tel Aviv on Hostelworld. Each room has 6 bunk beds and there are communal female and male bathrooms and showers. It is a great stay for solo travelers and is located within walking distance from all the main attractions. The staff are very friendly and great at involving their guests making them feel right at home.


Beach area

One of Tel Aviv´s many attractions is the beach. 5 kilometres of beautiful beaches running along the city´s coastline, stretching from the modern Tel Aviv Port in the North to the biblical Jaffa Port in the South. Along Tel Aviv beachfront there are plenty of hotels, boutique hotels and even some hostels. On good days you’ll see surfers out there enjoying the Tel Aviv surf scene, which is bigger than you might expect.



3. The Spot Hostel

Port Tel Aviv | Average price per bed: 85 NIS/ 25 USD

Just steps away from the beach, and right next to a lush city park you’ll find THE SPOT! This hostel has a great location in the Tel Aviv Port. The Spot opened in 2019 and is a super fresh hostel with comfortable beds and a great breakfast. Every day the hostel has inspiring events such as hummus cooking classes, parties, concerts, standup, slam poetry, karaoke, art exhibitions – you name it. They have a great bar that serves well-cooked meals at reasonable prices and the hostel really provides a vibrant and fun atmosphere.


4. Hayarkon 48

Hayarkon 48 | Average price per bed: 95 NIS / 30 USD

Hayarkon 48 with its iconic yellow building just a few steps from the beach and only a five-minute walk from Shuk HaCarmel (the Carmel Market) as well as the city’s most popular restaurants, cafes, and clubs it is probably the most famous hostel in Tel Aviv. It has got a great reputation and raving reviews from travellers from all around the world, making it a great place to not only stay but to also meet locals as well as other travellers. It offers both private rooms with en-suite bathrooms and shared bathrooms. The dorms vary in size from between 3-8 people and the more people you share with the cheaper the price. The hostel was recently refurbished and offers free wifi throughout the building. All rooms have air conditioning. Hayarkon 48 offers an excellent free breakfast and has a large communal kitchen for guests, a lounge with wide-screen TV and pool table, and a large rooftop. The hostel offers plenty of daily activities such as shared meals, roof-top parties, language exchange and city tours. The staff is super friendly and happy to show the guests “their” Tel Aviv. As it quickly gets fully booked make sure to check availability before showing up or make a booking in advance.


5. 180 Boutique Hostel

Retsif Herbert Samuel St 54 / average price per bed 140 NIS / 43 USD

180 Boutique Hostel is a Tel Aviv Beachfront hostel and a newcomer among the Tel Aviv hostels, offering a completely new hostel experience. It just opened in 2021 and it is everything you could wish for in a hostel and more. It is super chic, comfortable, beachfront (it is literally on the beach), close to the city center and famous sites of Tel Aviv like the Independence Hall Museum, Rotschild Area, Suzanne Dellal Dance Center in Neve Tzedek, Bauhaus Center, Meir Park, nightlife, bars, restaurants. Yes, you guessed it – it is perfectly located. If you are looking for a hostel that has it all – this is the place.



South Tel Aviv

Florentin, also known as the hipster area of Tel Aviv is one of the most fascinating neighbourhoods I´ve visited in Tel Aviv. There is a special vibe that flows through the bars, galleries, small workshops and designer stores. You also need to check out the cool street art here and really soak up the cool local vibe. It can´t be explained in words, you have to experience it yourself. Even if you don´t choose to stay in Florentin, make sure to make a visit here during your time in Tel Aviv.


6. Florentine House

Florentin St 6 | Average price per bed: 180 NIS / 55 USD

Florentin House offers a different experience from other, regular hotels. It isn´t really in the usual price range of regular backpackers, but it aims to deliver the unrefined and authentic spirit of Florentin, alongside a clean, functional and aesthetic vision. The rooms are spacious and come with a private bathroom with a shower. Some also have a terrace or a balcony. Towels and bed linen are provided free of charge.

The restaurant on the ground floor specializes in Asian cuisine, but I would say there are greater options around, both when it comes to Israeli food and international cuisine like Asian, American, and Ethiopian.

Florentin House is a 15-minute walk from Old Jaffa and the flea market. The beach and Rothschild Boulevard are a 20-minute walk away. It offers dorms as well as private rooms and has a front desk that is open 24/7.



7. Florentine Backpackers Hostel 

Elifelet 10 | Average price per bed: 66 NIS / 20 USD

Florentine Backpackers is definitely one of my favorite stays in Tel Aviv, alongside 180 and Hayarkon 48. Not only is it located in the hip and trendy Florentine, close to great bars and restaurants. It has a good communal area, excellent breakfast, free wifi, a fairly cheap price tag for Tel Aviv, but more than anything it´s a great place to meet fellow travelers. The spirit of the Florentine Hostel is young and vibrant – a place where you feel at home, where you can relax and make friends, and most importantly, absorb the Tel Aviv vibe.


Old Jaffa 

Old Jaffa Port lies to the south of Tel Aviv and has a history spanning back 4000 years. The Old City has partly been renovated and restored and it is a great place to wander through and learn some of the histories of the city, as well as experiencing a completely different Tel Aviv. You can definitely spend days here, just exploring the winding streets, the Jaffa Flea Market and the many restaurants and bars. If you are looking to explore a different part of Tel Aviv, mostly influenced by Arabs, this is the part you want to stay in. It provides a completely different experience than the rest of Tel Aviv and regardless of if you choose to stay here or not, a visit is a must!



8. Old Jaffa Hostel

Amiad 13 | Average price per bed: 85 NIS / 26 USD

The Old Jaffa Hostel & Guest House is located in a charming historical building, just a few steps away from the Old Jaffa Flea market and the buzzing streets of the neighborhood. It is surrounded by plenty of cafes, wine bars, pubs, restaurants and has the most amazing rooftop offering unbeatable views. It is located just 400 meters from Jaffa Beach and offers dorms as well as private rooms of different price tags. The hostel itself doesn´t have a restaurant, but there are plenty of cheap eats around. Make sure to try the famous Hummus Abu Hassan and their award-winning plate “The triple”.


Which of the hostels in Tel Aviv fits your needs the most? Let us know in the comments below.

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