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Northern Thailand Itinerary | Costs

My Experience

Northern Thailand is the polar opposite of the party party islands in the Southern Thailand. If you’re looking to relax, explore nature and experience a bit more of Thai culture head to the north of Thailand.

If you’d like a bit more of an authentic Thai experience but still with a bit of beach time check out this Hua Hin Honeymoon Guide. Hua Hin is just 3 hours from Bangkok and as well as beautiful beaches it also has temples and markets to explore hence why some go for honeymoon, but it can make an equally fun for a stop on your travels too. Or head 30 minutes further south to Pranburi and you can even get some kitesurfing in.


Accommodation – Hostels are cheaper in the north of Thailand than on the islands in the south with some hostels costing as little as $2 a night.

Food – Street food is the same price in the north and the south but it’s much easier to find in the north. Food in restaurants is marginally cheaper but not so much it will really effect your budget that much.

Northern Thailand Itinerary – 1 Week Route

See the map below for the route for I’d recommend for traveling around Northern Thailand and the key reasons you’d want to visit each place in the list below. Click on any of the links in the list below for full details of that location, where to stay and how to get to the next destination.

In order:

  • Bangkok – The Grand Palace, Koh San Road
  • Chiang Mai – Hill Tribe Treks, Waterfalls, Elephants, White Water Rafting
  • Pai – Quiet hippy town, volunteering on farms
  • Chiang Rai– The White Temple

Duration: At least one week

Click on each location for more information

West Coast Thailand

East Coast Thai Islands

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