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Craft Beer in Singapore

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Craft beer has been exploding all over Asia in recent years, it’s even managed to infiltrate the Bali beer scene now.

Of all the places I’ve been on my travels around Asia, Singapore has one of the best craft beer scenes.

The craft beer there is sold in everything from high-end restaurants to hawker food stands with beers on tap like Mikkeller, Brewdog, Brewlander, and Hectic Brewing.

If you want to be a bit English about the situation you can basically do a pub crawl of all of them there’s so many. But then again it’s craft beer so a pub crawl drinking that probably isn’t wise.

I’ve written this in a way so that if you do want to take a tour around Singapore in one day doing this, the bars follow in a logical order.

Craft Beer in Singapore

Druggists | Good Luck Beerhouse | Mikkeller | Almost Famous | TAP Craft Beer Bar | Thirty One | Chinatown Seafood Restaurant | Cook and Brew | Little Island Brewing Singapore


Druggists – Jalan Besar

Druggists is a small bar tucked away around by Jalan Besar and Farrer Park.

If you fancy getting some Indian food before your craft beer it’s perfectly located as Little India is just around the corner which, surprise surprise, has lots of places to get Indian food.

They have about 15 beers on tap, which consisted of Magic Rock, De Molen to Mikkeller and Thornbridge among others when I last went.

Druggists Craft Beer Ba

Technically you can then walk to Haji Lane afterwards if you would like, it’s a 20 minute walk, but if it’s the middle of the day it might be a bit warm for that.


Good Luck Beerhouse – Haji Lane

Haji Lane should be on any trip you make to Singapore anyway. In terms of Singapore nightlife, it’s one of the best areas you can go. I also really like it for it’s chilled out vibes, with live music being played and graffiti everywhere.

It feels very different to the rest of Singapore.

Haji Lane Craft Beer Bar

The Good Luck Beerhouse have about 12 craft beers on taps and options of bottles too.

Craft Beer Singapore

There’s not a lot of space inside but the benches in front are a good spot to take your beers and watch the world go by.

Craft Beer Haji Lane


Mikkeller Bar – City Hall

The Mikkeller bar is in such an odd location but I mean it’s Mikkeller so we’ll let them off.

It’s around the City Hall area and walking down the street it just looks like the offices separated by the occasional hotel and restaurant. The Mikkeller bar is through a small door and up some stairs where it really does feel exactly like you’re about to walk into an office.

But nope there’s a bar at the top.

Mikkeller Craft Beer Bar

And a lot of beers on tap.

Craft Beer In Singapore

Although the bar itself does feel a bit sterile, with the office vibes, it’s in an old colonial building and so the view out of the shutters is lovely to sit and nurse a pint with.

Milkkeller Craft Beer Singapore

Pro Tip – The top-rated restaurant on Trip Advisor in the whole of Singapore is just around the corner at Entre-Nous Creperie. If you’re doing this as a pub crawl you are going to need to eat at some point!!! They sell crepes and while they’re not as good as some I spend most of my time missing from Brixton Village back home they are pretty wonderful.


Almost Famous – Chijmes

Almost Famous isn’t the easiest to find as it’s in Chijmes and there are lots of different restaurants and bars in there.

I would thoroughly recommend going to Chijmes even if it’s just for dinner one night as the building is beautiful and it’s got bean bags to chill on in the centre.

Chijmes Craft Beer

Again, a bit like Haji Lane, it feels very different from the rest of the busy city. Life’s a bit slower in there.

Almost Famous, is the most clinical looking bar I’ve ever been to in my life, it almost feels like you’re just walked into someone’s beer lab. That’s not a bad thing, it was just unexpected. Craft beer bars are usually trying to be a bit hipster with things everywhere, whereas this was stark white walls and metal tables.

Almost Famous Menu

They have a large number of craft beers on tap and even have some that are local craft beers as well as some brewed by women.


TAP Craft Beer Bar – 1 Raffles Link

There are a few TAP Craft Beer bars in Singapore. This one is the closest to Almost Famous so it made sense to go there, but the location is a bit odd as it’s just outside a shopping mall by some office blocks and doesn’t even have a bathroom in (you have to go across the road to the shopping mall for that).

Tap Craft Beer Bar

Trying the one at Robertson Quay would probably be your best bet as there’s a number of restaurants and bars around there so the atmosphere will be nicer.

TAP very handily gives you a guide to work out which beer you’ll like if you’re new to craft beer.

They have beer from Kona, Lost Coast, Pasteur Street, American Stone Brewing and many more.


Thirty One – Boat Quay

The area around Boat Quay and Clarke Quay is one of my favorite spots in Singapore at night, mostly because I love watching the water with all the lights.

Clarke Quay can get a bit hectic and touristy so if you still want to be down by the river but with a bit more of a relaxed vibe Boat Quay is perfect.

Thirty One is a small independent bar along there with almost 20 craft beers on tap. It is a bit more of a party place though.

Just by it is also RedDot BrewHouse which brews it’s own brand IPAs, Golden Ales and more both sold on tap and as bottled beers.


Chinatown Seafood Restaurant – Chinatown

In Chinatown, there are a number of craft beer bars. You could head here before or after the next suggestion as Chinatown is open late and just around the corner from Club Street if you want a night out in Singapore later.

The Chinatown Seafood restaurant is a local place, with plastic chairs and tables outside, alongside a sufficient amount of hustle and bustle. Here they have craft beer from the Archipelago Brewery that’s local to Singapore.

Chinatown Seafood Restaurant

They also sell Jim Beam high-balls, which I’d never heard of before in tankards 😱

If you’re really into your craft beer you’ll probably prefer the beer at some of the other places already suggested on this list but this one’s also more fun in a lot of ways.

Singapore is so multicultural and Chinatown is an experience you shouldn’t miss while you’re there. What nicer way to enjoy a craft beer than one that’s brewed locally and in an area that represents the culture of the largest ethnic group in Singapore.

There’s actually a lot of craft beer in Chinatown. Right around the corner, there’s Smith Street Taps, Cheeky at 74 Neil Road and the 3rd Culture Brewing Company in the Maxwell food centre.

It’s also just by the famous Michelin Star Hawker Restaurant stand.


Cook and Brew

The selection of craft beers at Cook and Brew is more limited here, as you’d expect from any restaurant, but you’ll still find some Pale Ale’s and IPAs on the menu.

And the place is incredible.

Cook And Brew

The restaurant is right at the top of the Westin Hotel (which also looks pretty great) and the views are spectacular.

Cook And Brew Craft Beer

While you have dinner you can look out over the Marina Bay financial centre area and the city, plus they even have a balcony. Which I know shouldn’t be that exciting but it’s very rare for Skyscrapers to have balconies on the higher floors in Singapore so to be able to sit out there and have a cocktail after your meal really makes it.

Cook And Brew Bar


Little Island Brewing Singapore

This one doesn’t actually fit into the pub crawl above but if you have a bit of time to kill before another flight and want to make use of the Singapore Craft Beer scene without having time to go into town, on the old airport road is Little Island Brewing.

The Little Island Brewing Company has a wide range of craft beer on tap, at reasonable prices, and you can even get a meal while you’re there.

Perfect if you’ve got some time before your next flight and want to get out of the airport for a bit.


Found somewhere else that’s great for Craft Beer in Singapore? Let me know in the comments.

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