Top 10 Breakfast Spots in Seminyak - Smoothie Bowls, Croissants & Eggs

The 10 Best Breakfast Spots in Seminyak

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I’m a little bit obsessed with breakfast. And breakfast in Seminyak is like no other. There are so many incredible options in beautiful locations with smoothie bowls, eggs on toast, smashed avo and even plenty of vegan options. 

Best Breakfast in Seminyak

Shelter | Revolver | Dusty Café | Sisterfields Seminyak | Ingka | KYND | The Coffee Club | Monsieur Spoon | Pison Coffee | Allweyway Shack



Shelter Cafe Bali is hands down my favorite place for breakfast in Seminyak, If it wasn’t for Crate in Canggu I might even say in the whole of Bali.

The main part of Shelter is upstairs with open bamboo windows, a breeze coming through rattan decorations and sofa seating too.

Their menu is extensive and while they do also serve lunch the main thing they do is breakfast.

And it’s all day.

Perfect if you’ve been making a little bit too much use of the Seminyak nightlife (or even nights in Canggu for that matter).

The coffee is from Revolver so great, more on that below, and it is not possible that you wouldn’t be able to find a breakfast you LOVE on their menu.

As well as the usual breakfast fair you’d expect they also have vegan options, Nalu smoothie bowls from their partner Nalu Bowls downstairs and build your own breakfasts so you can just pick and choose the items you’d like together.

Shelter Seminyak

This is the best breakfast you’ll get in Seminyak.

Trust me, I’ve eaten most of them.

Best for: Everything



Revolver café is great for breakfast but the real thing they’re known for is their coffee. In fact, their coffee is so well known and loved across the island that a lot of the other breakfast restaurants serve it. You’ll find revolver coffee everywhere from Shelter to Grocer and Grind to Milk and Madu in Canggu.

The restaurant is quite dark for breakfast which is great if you’re looking for a cozy atmosphere. Not so much if you’re looking for it to pick you up and help you get your day started.

Best for: Coffee


Dusty Café

The décor in Dusty café is beautiful, with vibes similar to the interior of La Favela.

Seminyak Breakfast

They unfortunately only serve breakfast until around midday and then they move onto lunch and dinner.

Their lunch and dinner options are great too, with delicious crepes, but nothing beats their Gate Omelet with a Strawberry juice. Damn now I really want that.

Seminyak Restaurants

Best for: Atmosphere


Sisterfields Seminyak

Sisterfields Seminyak is probably the most famous restaurant for breakfast in the area and it’s easy to see why. They have an all-day brunch menu (ummm, yes please) and pride themselves on creating an atmosphere to match that. It’s right in the center of Seminyak so it will set you back a little bit more but it’s worth it. 

Best for: All day brunch



I’ve talked about Ingka a lot in other posts, especially when talking about cheap eats in Seminyak, because it really is such good value for money for what it is.

The restaurant is huge, and they serve breakfast till 3pm and have vegan options on the menu like Scrambled Tofu.

Best Breakfast in Seminyak

They also have smoothie bowls and a great selection of smoothies to drink too.

Best for: Value



KYND is run by the same owners as Give café in Canggu (which gives 100% of its profits to charity). If you’re early bird it’s perfect as it opens at 6am every morning (and not many places do that).

It’s also all vegan and has very clearly been decorated with Instagram in mind.

You know that pink wall everyone has a shot of in Bali?

That’d be here.

Best for: Vegan breakfast


The Coffee Club 

The Coffee Club is sat just down in front of Double Six Beach. If you don’t want to take a detour en route to a beach day out, or have an early surf lesson, this will, therefore, be the perfect spot for breakfast.

Seminyak Beach Breakfast

There’s a large seating area outside but they also have an air-conditioned room too for anyone struggling with the heat.

If you’re in Bali for a while they’ll give you a discount card for 10% off food on certain days and buy one get one free coffee.

Coffee which they serve mug sized portions of, something I’m a fan of.

Best for: Beachy Vibes


Monsieur Spoon

If you’re missing goof pastries in Asia make sure you head to Monsieur Spoon. Here you can pick yourself up plenty of Croissants and Pain Au Chocolats and Eclairs. The freshly cooked bread is like nothing else in the area.

It’s run by two French men. It’s the real deal

Best for: Croissants


Pison Coffee

If you’re staying near the top of Petitenget/Jalan Batu Belig Pison Coffee is also great for breakfast. A bit dark like Revolver too but the coffee is good and the breakfasts much more creative than normal. 

Best for: Something a bit different


Alleyway Shack

So cheap for what it is. Not a place to go for a luxurious long sit down breakfast or brunch, it is more shack-like, as it’s just a small hole in the wall, but with eggs starting from 20,000 IDR and all the food being delicious it’s hard not to rate it. No wonder Alleyway Shack has such a good TripAdvisor rating.

Alleyway Shack Bali

Best for: Price


Where do you think has the best breakfast in Seminyak? Let me know in the comments if you think you’ve got one that can beat Shelter.

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