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Sometimes you will find yourself as a lone traveller.

When you travel more often than not it is incredibly easy to meet people. In fact even when you’re not trying, or don’t want to meet people, you probably will.

There is the occasional location in which it will be harder to meet people than others though, or you simply have bad luck and arrive when no-one’s around. And so you have to set out to explore on your own and you become the lone traveller.

If you’ve been travelling for a while on your own you will no doubt have experienced this at some point.

I don’t say this to make those of you who haven’t left for your travels worry about being on your own and lonely.

Usually it is not the case that the above happens and sometimes when it does it’s actually nice if you happen to want a bit of alone time. But sometimes it’s hard to meet people at a time when you would really like some company. Maybe normally you’re happy to be the lone traveller, I am a lot of the time, but on that occasion you just really want some people to hangout with.

When that happens it makes you wish someone would reach out and adopt you into their group.

Just think how wonderful that would feel when you have found yourself alone, would like some company and a group of random strangers reaches out to take you in.

So that is exactly what you should do when the situation is reversed as a solo traveller.

Adopting The Lone Traveller

If you’ve already met a cool group of people and see someone else who has just arrived and is on their own, looking shy or nervous or sat in a bar or restaurant on their own, invite them over to talk to you.

Welcome them into your group.

Do what you wish someone would have done for you when you were shyer and just starting out on your travels or in a location where it’s harder to meet people.

The lone traveller will love you for it.

Just as you would if the situation was reversed.

Really just think about how happy that will make them. It’s such a small gesture that costs nothing on your part but will completely transform someone else’s day.

I do this all the time. And I have met some great people simply by welcoming those who look like they might be a little bit lonely and want some company in; by acting towards them how I would like someone to act towards me if I were in their position.

If we all do it, maybe one day, people will be able to stop worrying about if they’re going to be lonely setting off to go travelling solo. They’ll know there are hordes of people out there ready and waiting to welcome them in.

I can assure you, you won’t be lonely on your travels.

But if you see someone who you think might be, help them out.

The karma will come back to you at some point.


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