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I could write lists and lists of the best travel accessories for women that I’ve discovered on my trips so far. But today I’m just going to write about the most surprising one I only discovered a year or so ago. It’s one for the ladies (sorry guys) and that is:

Bum Bags

Yep, you heard me right I think you should use bum bags for travel. Or fanny packs as you guys call them in America (which as an English person is extremely entertaining since a fanny is something totally different to us, but maybe we shouldn’t get started on that!).

It’s this awesome 80s accessory that I’m talking about.

Best Travel Accessory Bumbags

Given how cool these two people look you probably don’t even need me to sell you on why bum bags are one of the best travel accessories for women. I bet you’re all running out the door right now to get to the shops to buy one. Just in case you’re a little bit odd and the coolness of them hasn’t sold you though, here’s why you need to get a bum bag for your travels.


5 reasons why bum bags for travel are what it’s all about


1. Theft prevention

Wanna get in my bum bag? Umm I think I might notice someone rummaging around down there. You’re basically going to have to be close enough to stick your hand down my pants (underwear) if you want to steal something from my bum bag.

Handbags are all too frequently flung on the side of our hip or shoulder whilst dancing and chatting to friends which makes it a lot easier for sticky fingers to open the zip, slide their hand in and take our possessions without us being any the wiser.

Snatch and grab motorbike theft is also a big problem in a lot of the world, where bikes drive past and grab your handbag off your shoulder as they speed past. Worse still if the bag is across your body you’ll end up being dragged along the floor along with the attempted theft if this happens. Because of where bum bags are positioned and how they’re attached to you the chances of you falling victim to this type of theft whilst wearing a bum bag are greatly reduced.


2. It’s liberating

How many times have you been out with a handbag on your shoulder that gets in the way or is annoying and heavy after a while?. Bum bags are light-weight, small and require no hands. That means you can run for a bus more easily or just throw your hands up in the air and dance away to your heart’s content when out without a worry in the world.

This again helps with the theft prevention point above as it’s all too tempting when on a night out with friends to leave your bag at the side whilst dancing and it only takes a second for someone to grab your bag and run.

3. Bum bags are small

Bum bags are small meaning you can’t carry loads of unnecessary cr*p in them. Come on we all do this with handbags. Look in your handbag right now, I bet you don’t need about 50% of the stuff in there.

4. Bum bags will help you rock a beach party

Depending on where you travel you may find yourself at a lot of beach parties. It’s near on impossible to dance on sand in flip flops so if you still wanna get your grove on whilst down on the beach you usually have to remove your flip flops. But then what do you do with your flip flops? If you have a handbag you wouldn’t want to put them inside (hello, sand that will NEVER go away). You can leave them to the side but from experience I can tell you that will result in them being stolen in about 2 seconds. Or, if you have a bum bag you can just clip em’ on in, like me below. Yep bum bags also work as a flip flop holding device.


5. You’ll look really cool

No? No? Still not with me on that one?

Okay but really, bum bags are so helpful when travelling. As unexpected as it was for me they’re actually top of the list of best travel accessories for women now. I love them so much I even have two. They prevent theft, hold your flip flops and free up your hands. What more could you want?

If you don’t know where to start looking for a bum bag for travel that looks a bit more stylish than the 80’s classics above, this one’s my personal favorite. It’s big enough to fit a scrunched up shawl or your kindle in and the color means i doesn’t stand out to much (they do do a gold and silver version which I REALLY want but that somewhat defeats the blending in point a bit).



You’re welcome.


Got any travel accessories you can’t live without? Let me know what they are in the comments below


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