The Ultimate Guide to Surfing Taghazout, Morocco

Surfing Taghazout

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Taghazout is a small fishing village a little north of Agadir, it began as fishermens huts and rugged houses and has now grown into a busy village, bustling with a mix of cultures, boho vibes and a little special something we can’t quite put our finger on.

We have hippies to thank for the ‘discovery’ of Taghazout. In the 1970s they found this stretch of coastline and the special charm of Taghazout and started the influx of surfers looking to join the hippies in the line-up. There are multiple surf spots along the coastline and something for every level of surfer.

The village isn’t just for surfers, there are many tourists who come here just for the relaxed vibe and to enjoy being part of the surf culture without the need to actually get on a board. There is plenty to keep you occupied in Taghazout, with cafes, stretches of beaches and regular local events, it is the perfect place to switch off, unwind and forget about the bustle of life back home.

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Surfing Taghazout

Getting There | Things to Do | Surfing | Nightlife | Where to Stay | How Long to Stay | Moving On


What to do in Taghazout


Getting There

Getting to Taghazout from Agadir is very simple and has multiple options. If you prefer a private transfer you can get a Grand Taxi for 100dirhams ($10 USD). Your accommodation can organise this or you can easily flag one in the street, prepare to haggle! They will tell you it’s 200dirham but the actual price is 100dh.

Alternatives are getting to ‘Batwa’, which is the central taxi hub in Agadir, you can flag a small orange taxi for this, make sure they reset the meter so you get the correct price.

From ‘Batwa’ you can take a collective taxi for 10dh ($1 USD) per person, this is a Grand Taxi that they fill with as many people as possible so you will be squashed in! Or from there you can also take the number 32 bus for 7,50dh. Depending on the time of day the buses can get very full, avoid around sunset if possible.

If you have rented a car it is simple to get there, just hit the highway in the direction of Taghazout, keep going straight along the coast road until you hit the signs saying Taghazout, it will take around half an hour depending on the traffic.


taghazout coast


Taghazout is just one main street so whichever transport you take you get to the same place, usually the main ‘square’ near the mosque.

From there you can find your accommodation by asking someone on the street or getting directions from your host. If you ask someone in the street to take you there, if it is a local they may expect a few dirhams as a tip.

If they do 10dh will keep them sweet and helpful for the rest of your stay. Some may just do it to be nice, depends who you stop!


Things to do in Taghazout

The village has a real mix of cultures with many digital nomads and travelers making it their stop off for longer periods of time. Many surf camps are staffed by travelers who go surfing during their time off from camp so the beach is a mix of locals, tourists, and expats.


digital nomads taghazout


The weather is good year-round, with sunshine and minimal rain, so you are sure to catch the winter sun here.

If you don’t have an interest in Taghazout surfing and just want to immerse yourself in the village you can happily spend a peaceful few days sat in cafes or sunbathing on the beach, watching surfers or playing with friendly beach dogs.

Taghazout is also backed by mountains which make for incredible hazy evening sunsets. It is also great to grab a big bottle of water and hike a little in the mountains, it is difficult to get lost, you can see the ocean from every point, so if in doubt head back down towards the water! The mountains are filled with olive trees and argan trees. This region is known for its argan production and in the spring months the trees are filled with little argan nuts which are picked by local women to be turned into silky argan oil.


sunset on taghazout beach


Taghazout is also a great place to get an initial vibe of the homeware and crafts you can buy along your travels, next to the beachside restaurants you will find a charming store, Dari Design, run by German expat, Katja. She moved to Morocco after meeting her husband Ilyass and they opened a hotel together with Ilyass’ brother Karim. That hotel and restaurant, World of Waves is now one of the best places to hang out in Taghazout and certainly has the best beachside location in the village.

You will find many expats and passing digital nomads working from the cafe and is a great international hub to meet other travellers.

Surfing in Taghazout

Since the area has developed, tourism has taken over the edges of the village with new resorts known collectively as Taghazout Bay and Taghazout Surf Village but Taghazout itself retains a shabby, hippy vibe.


taghazout surf bay


Morocco is becoming known for surfing with some local surfers reaching the big surf leagues and many of the beginners starting in this area. With soft beach breaks to practice on and larger reef breaks for intermediate and advanced surfers, there really is a wave for everyone among the taghazout surf spots.

Generally the surf spots are relatively uncrowded however during the winter months the world-renowned Anchor Point and Killer Point a little further along can get a few more brave souls on the waves.


anchor point surfing taghazout


For those who don’t surf or are just beginning, Anchor Point is the place to watch. When the swell is good lots of people head to the point to take pictures and video the surfers tackling the huge right-hand wave. In January 2020 the area also hosted the World Surf League Qualifying Series, something that will now be a yearly recurrence!

If you are a confident surfer but unsure of the area it is recommended you hire a surf guide to wave hunt the best spots for your level. For beginners speak to your accommodation as many offer surf lessons for guests.

Evenings in Taghazout

After surf and yoga, the village really comes alive at night with many restaurants and cafes offering a mix of Moroccan and European food. If you are looking for certain events to join there are a few to look out for.

On a Tuesday you need to head to Hash Point on the beach to the hotel restaurant, World of Waves. Their salsa night has a live band playing on the beachside terrace while continental Moroccan food is served under soft lighting next to the sound of the waves. This is also one of the few places in Taghazout that serve alcohol.

Thursday’s are BBQ night at the Amouage boutique hotel. With BBQ food, salads, and sweet treats served poolside while a DJ plays cool music you can dance away your dinner during those crisp winter evenings.

For more lounge vibes head to Cafe Mouja on Fridays and Mondays for open mic night. Slurp on fresh juices while locals and tourists showcase their musical talents.

taghazout beach


Where to Stay in Taghazout

One of the top-rated places to stay in Taghazout is Amayour Surf Hostel. Created by an English/Moroccan couple the hostel is a bohemian dream in shades of pink and turquoise. The rooms are individually designed with artisan furniture and decor, inspired by the Moroccan culture. The breakfast is the best hostel breakfast in the village and dinner is equally impressive. Meals are served Moroccan style on the huge terrace where you can watch the sunset over Panorama Point. The hostel offers surf lessons with ISA accredited instructors and there is morning yoga every day on the terrace. If backpackers ask me in the street where to stay, this is the place I send them.

Mixed dorm rooms are 130 MAD ($13 USD) per bed or you can rent a private double room from 340 MAD ($35 USD)  per room.

Recently they have also opened a shop selling locally made herbal oils, handmade bags and a range of sneakers made from recycled material, be sure to stop in to grab something totally unique.


How Long to Spend in Taghazout

This village has a certain charm to it and sometimes I find I have not left the village for weeks, other than to go to the next village for my weekly souk shop. It is small but the vibe is ultimate relaxation and you never feel lost or bored.

For this itinerary I recommend staying for 3 days to really get into the bohemian vibe of the village and surf a little.


taghazout village morocco


Moving On: How to get from Taghazout to Imsouane

There are shuttle buses from Taghazout to Imsouane with Souk to Surf. You will be collected in the village around 10am and dropped in Imsouane for €10/100dh. This route takes around an hour and a half. If you are driving yourself this is usually around an hour, just follow the coastal road until you hit the signs for Imsouane.


What’s your favorite thing about surfing Taghazout? Let me know in the comments below.


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