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South India travel is a little more chilled than traveling around the golden triangle in the north. The same precautions should still be taken regarding your personal safety of course, especially if you’re a female traveling solo but the south is in general safer than the north.

The south of India is much warmer than the north so it’s a great place to go if you want to chill on a beach for a bit. For not that much money at all you can go to Goa and feel like you’re on a fancy beach resort holiday. Fair warning though the beach isn’t the most beautiful ever, but as long as there’s a beach, personally I’m happy.

 Goa is best for parties although there are quieter parts of Goa too which are great for yoga. From Goa you can easily get to the world heritage site, Hampi, to see the ancient ruins of the city or head down to Kerala for the backwaters. While in the backwaters you should definitely check out the legendary Munroe Island

I got to Goa by plane from Rishikesh, via Delhi. It wasn’t ideal as it meant I arrived in the evening and so had to take a taxi in the dark for 30-45 minutes on my own to get to my hostel in Goa. I made sure I followed the precautions I mentioned before on backpacking India  and I for once did even message a friend with the details. I also followed the whole journey on Google Maps so I would know straight away if the driver took a detour. I don’t know what I would have done if they did that but I would have known some shit was about to go down I guess at least!

Check out the map below for what the route I took looks like

South India Travel Route

  • Goa – Beaches, Parties, Yoga, Markets
  • Bangalore – City Comforts
  • Kerala– Backwaters, Beaches, Surfing, Shopping


Duration: At least two weeks


Click on each location below or above for more information, including how to get to the next destination in the south India travel route at the bottom of each post and where to stay.

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