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I just got on a bus and did something which goes against some of the most essential travel tips I would give to anyone about to hit the road. I left my bag that contains my valuables in the luggage storage compartment of the bus. At this moment in time my passport, flight confirmation, laptop and most of my money are all sat in a storage area that wasn’t even closed when I walked away from it.

I would NEVER normally do this.

When in transit I always keep my most valuable possessions on me and would strongly recommend you all do the same too.

But I was caught somewhat by surprise on this occasion. You see I decided to do this month long trip to Malaysia with only a small carry-on sized backpack and left the rest of my stuff with friends in Indonesia. I was therefore expecting to have that bag with me on the bus. It’s small after all. However the bus conductor had other ideas and made me put it in the hold. I was running a bit late, flustered and the bus was about to leave so I just complied.

And then as soon as I sat down a couple of minutes ago I instantly thought “Shit what have I done? That’s such a stupid idea”. And one of the core basic travel tips I’d want to make sure anyone going on their first trip is aware of. Yet almost two years on the road and I’ve just done it.


I’m still on said bus ride, where my bag may or may not be in the hold below, right now whilst writing this on my phone. Needless to say, I felt anxious when I sat down and realized the error I’d made/my stupidity.

But then I realized something incredibly important.

It really doesn’t actually matter if my bag is stolen from the hold.

Yes my passport is my most valuable possession, especially at this moment as I’m on my way to the airport, and it would be extremely annoying if I lost some of the other items in that bag. But you know what? If it happens, it’s not going to be that bad. It’s certainly not going kill me. Chances are I’ll get through it O.K. And although it’ll be a pain, in a weird way it’ll also be an adventure. Another life experience to add to the many I’ve been collecting. It probably won’t be fun to sort out if it does happen but there will no doubt at least be funny moments along the way while trying to fix the situation.

And that’s actually one of my favorite things about travel and the lessons it teaches you:

Everything is just part of one big massive adventure. All the mishaps and the plans that don’t go to plan, they’re an integral part of the journey.


And can be even be part of the fun if you look at them in the right way.

Don’t be as stupid as me. Don’t leave your valuables in bags under busses. You never know what might happen to them. But if the worst does happened try to see the fun in it. Try to enjoy the weird things the inconvenience will make you have to do and the places it will take you to.

After all, travel is about having an adventure, isn’t it?

UPDATE: My bag and I were happily re-united at the airport and nothing untoward took place, however the above still stands. If your bag, or other possessions, go astray see it as adventure time!

Seeing It All As Part Of The Adventure Small Backpacks


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