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Places To See in Udaipur

Ok so there aren’t actually that many places to see in Udaipur itself. There’s the city palace and I hear the other  place to visit are some waterfalls just outside the city (we didn’t make it there) but the reason to go to Udaipur isn’t really to see loads of places, it’s to see the views over Lake Pichola. Udaipur is nicknamed lakecity and for good reason.  The views over the lake are beautiful.

Udaipur is slightly outside of the golden triangle but my favourite out of the places we visited in this part of the trip. As well as having incredible beautiful views over the lake, it was easy to wander around the town and felt pretty safe to do so, was a good place to relax, had some nice shops and it was sunny. Great for a few days relaxation away from the hustle and bustle of a lot of India.

There are 2 islands you can see from the main part of Udaipur across the river. One has Jag Mandir on it also known as the Lake Garden Palace. You can take boat tours around the lake to visit it or even go for dinner.

On the other island is a hotel called Taj Lake Palace  it looks incredible, but it is also rather expensive. If there are two of you though I reckon it would be worth splitting a night there just to experience it. I regret that I didn’t do that.  It really does look spectacular. And part of a bond film was shot there. You don’t need to stay there for beautiful views over the lake however, our hostel, see below, had some of the best views in town an was cheap as.

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Udaipur City Palace

There is a city palace in Udaipur which is interesting enough to walk around, although if you follow the exact route I took round the north of India you will have seen some more impressive ones already. I have no photos to show you of this as you had to pay to take photos in the palace. It’s an interesting way to spend an hour or so but I much more enjoyed walking around the town and looking out over the lake.

Places To See In Udaipur Lake

Best Hostel in Udaipur 

I know I’ve recommended Zostel Hostels a lot in other locations in northern India already but it’s for good reason and the Zostel in Udaipur was the best of all of them.


We had a private room for one night which felt like being in a hotel with a lake view from our room. There is also a roof top restaurant at the hostel looking out over the lake palaces (in particular the one that featured in a bond film). They couldn’t have got a better location.

Places to See In Udaipur

Places To See In Udaipur Lake at Night

Only downside is the restaurant charges corking fees if you want to drink anything from outside (to save money) and that is the only common area there is in the hostel.


How Long to Stay in Udaipur 

We spent three days in Udiapur and didn’t even explore any of the sights outside of the city such as the nearby waterfalls. There are plenty of other things to do in Udiapur so give yourself a couple more days if you do want to explore the surrounding area too at a leisurely pace.

How to get from Udaipur to Jaipur

After Udaipur we went back to Jaipur as we both had flights going on from there. From Jaipur you can get flights straight back to Delhi. My flight was to Rishikesh, via Delhi, and I had to leave on that date but if I’d had more time I would have loved to have seen Jaisalmer which is known for being where you can take camel rides into the desert and camp.

The trip back to Jaipur takes approx. 7 and a half hours by train or 7 hours by car.

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