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I'd strongly suggest you take a cheap old rather than fancy new phone with you on your travels. There are numerous benefits to this such as; it mattering less if the phone is stolen, the screen being less likley to smash if dropped since cheap phones tend to have plastic screens and an old phone being more likely to fit regular rather than nano sized SIM cards which are easier to find, but there are also downsides. If you take an old phone it means you won't necessarily have all your music on your phone or be able to download as many apps. This is easily solved by getting an iPod touch. I sold my iPhone before I left England and brough a very basic phone, iPod and camera with the money I made from it. That way at least if one item runs out of battery or is lost/stolen I haven't lost my phone, music and camera all in one which is what would have been the case if I'd just taken my iPhone instead. The iPod is particaurly useful on long journeys when it's too bumpy to read. With the iPod you can then listen to some music, a podcast or even an audiobook. If you get travel sick this will no doubt become your favourite piece of travel kit.


Apart from my passport and bankcard, my kindle is my most precious possession on my travels. There will be long journeys if you plan to travel from place to place and having access to hundreds of books at your finger tips makes a huge different. Carrying around lots of paperbacks will get annoying and you also may find it difficult to get a new book when you finish one as there may not be a shop with books in your own language where you happen to be. Taking a kindle with you removes both of these problems.


If you're not going to be doing any work whilst you're away but want to be able to easily connect with friends back home, check your social media and upload photos etc. then just take a tablet with you. A tablet will be able to do everything you need in this regard and it's easier to carry around than a laptop. Tablets can get annoying to type on though so I'd suggest getting a bluetooth keyboard if you are going to take one. I only took my iPad with me when I first left for my travels but had the bluetooth keyboard shown on the right, which also doubles as a case for the iPad. The keyboard is so good, I wrote both my first and second books on it without missing having a laptop for a second.


If you are going to need a more complex computer with you whilst you're away, just make sure the laptop you take with you is as light as possible. When I realised I'd need a laptop with me for some of the work I now do, I got a friend to bring mine out from home when they came to visit which luckily happened to be a MacBook Air. The MacBook Air is one of the lightest laptops around. Mine has a 13" screen though. If I was buying one specifically for travel now I'd still go for the MacBook Air, the long battery life is particuarly useful, but with the 11" screen to keep it as compact as possible.

External Hard Drive

If the only thing you're likely to be doing with your laptop is using it to store photos, keep in touch with friends and watch films on long journeys, don't use up valulable space in your bag by taking an external harddrive with you. Back everything up onto an external hard drive before your start your travels and leave it at home. Your photos can be backed up online as you travel. If you're likely to be doing any work, or creating content you can't back up online though, make sure you get yourself an external hard drive to back your work up to. Always keep this hard drive in a seperate bag to your laptop and hide it somewehere else in your room to your laptop if not taking either with you during the day or a night out. Remember the aim is to make it so that if anything is lost or stolen on your travels you don't care. Money shouldn't worry you if you've been sensible and took out travel insurance before you left, so the only other potential snag is loss of information. Back everything up as soon as you can to ensure you don't fall foul to this.

Got any other tech and entertainment related travel essentials you can't live without? Let me know in the comments below and I'll add them to the list

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