Medical Kit


This stuff is amazing. I am not joking when I call it MIRACLE CREAM. Yes, I know technically it is nappy rash cream, but this little beauty actually also works on rashes, sunburn, cuts, and as an antiseptic. It’s the most useful and versatile medicinal item I have with me. I'd suggest carrying some antiscpetic solution with you too but that's much more likely to spill all over your bag once opended than Sudocrem. I have also found it to be much more effectice than any antiscpetic solution I've tried. I had gapping open wounds on the back of my feet for months that wouldn't heal. And then I discovered Sudocrem. It was the only thing that made a difference. Plus you may actually want it for nappy rash at some point. With long sweaty bus rides and hours spent sitting around in wet swim clothes at times, nappy rash happens to a lot of people when travelling.

Just in case you don't believe how amazing this cream is, check out the photo below. I had a little accident with some shallow reef whilst surfing. After a few days the cut started getting yellow, pussy and looking a lot like it was infected. I started lathering sudacrem on it and it completely dried it up, got rid of any infection and the cut healed with no scar within a few weeks. MIRACLE CREAM!!!

DEET Mosquito Spray

Whilst you can get mosquito spray in most places, it can be hard to find strong mosquito spray with a high percentage of DEET. Whilst I don’t really mind getting bitten by mosquitoes that much, if it’s an area with dengue fever or malaria I’d really like to have DEET mosquito spray on me. I save it for those areas, though, and just use the weaker sprays, if at all, in the other areas.

If you will be going to areas with malaria, you should of course take anti-malaria tablets with you too. See the Vaccinations section in Useful Resources for more information regarding anti-malaria tablets and how to find out the locations in which you're most likely to need to take them.

Anti-diarrhea Tablets

I know, not the sexiest of topics but believe me if you find yourself unfortunately struck by a bout of diarrhea just ahead of a 12-hour bus ride or similar you're going to want some anti-diarrhea tablets with you. Prevention is always better than cure though so check out my Top Tips tp Avoid Food Poisoning while Traveling and just take the tablets with you as a back up.

Anti-Nausea/Travel Sickness Tablets and Prevention

Some bus, boat and train rides can be extremely bumpy in certain countries so even if you don't usually get motion sickness you may want to take some tablets with you just in case (also it could just be that you're unfortunate and have food posioning that's causing you to vomit just before a long journey so want to temporarily stop that activity!). Kwells are the best motion sickness/anti-nausea tablets I've found but also travel bands can be really useful for this. I used to get really bad travel sickness as a kid and using these bands, shown on the right, which push into a pressure point on each of your wrists worked wonders for me.


One for the ladies, clearly. If you like using tampons I’d strongly recommend packing at least a box or two to take with you at the start of your travels. In some countries it can be extremely hard to find tampons (if not impossible) and in others they are just ridiculous expensive. In Indonesia they’re £18 ($27 USD) a pack. £18! I'm not going to include a link for this one. You know where to buy whichever tampons you like to use.

Got any other medical kit travel essentials you can't live without? Let me know in the comments below and I'll add them to the list

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