Learning to Drive a Scooter

If you plan on travelling in Asia learning to drive a scooter before you leave home will be incredibly useful. Scooters are dangerous and not something to be messed about with, especially in some of the crazy traffic in Asia, so make sure you invest the time in ensuring you're comfortable driving one before you hit the open roads.

Whether you’re learning to ride a scooter at home or while already on the road here are my top tips from having started off too terrified to learn for months, looking on in gaping awe as I saw other people bombing around on them like it was nothing, to now really enjoying driving a scooter, even in crazy traffic in Asia.

Wear a helmet

Avoid sand and loose gravel like the plague

Watch out for the accidental acceleration when breaking


Driving people on the back of your scooter

Dealing with batshit crazy traffic

Beeping your horn

Learn the traffic laws – formal and otherwise

As well as the above it would be remiss of me not to mention that:
  1. To legally be able to drive in a lot of countries you need an international drivers license
  2. Not all travel insurance covers driving motorbikes, make sure yours does and check whether you need a specific scooter/motorbike license from your home country for the cover to be valid

  3. Got any other concerns about learning to drive a scooter? Let me know in the comments below and I'll do my best to answer them.

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