Where to go in Sri Lanka

The Route

Sri Lanka is by far one of the most beautiful places I’ve even been in my life. I loved it there. One of the many reasons I loved it is becuase the country is so varied; you can surf, trek mountains, go on safari, see whales...the list goes on.

I unfortunately only had a week in Sri Lanka as I had a time constraint on making it to Myanmar before my visa to enter there expired. There were so many things I wanted to do and see in Sri Lanka though so I decided to forgo sleep for the week, make the trip a little bit stressful, and cram it all in.

I would NOT recommend being as stupid as me and doing this route in just 8 days. But if you’ve got a couple of weeks this is a great loop to do of Sri Lanka. If I were to do it again, knowing how beautiful the country is now, I’d leave much more time and see a lot of other places too.

It was so beautiful there that even though I was only in Sri Lanka for 8 days, I have 3 albums worth of photos from it on Flickr with over 1,000 photos.

I spent 8 days in Sri Lanka and visited 7 places. I’m really happy with the route I chose to go but learn from my mistakes and don't try to cram all of it into 8 days. I feel exhausted just having written this out again and thinking of all the early mornings and long journeys in between. Give yourself more time to enjoy it. When I arrived in Bangkok after Sri Lanka I was basically KO’d. There was no exploring. Me and my bed urgently needed to spend some quality time together.

Where to go in Sri Lanka

Duration: At least two weeks; although it is doable in 8 days, just don't.

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