Avoiding Getting Food Poisoning

A lot of people get really paranoid about getting food poisoning when going traveling. It’s an understandable concern. No one wants to spend a week stuck inside sprinting between the bed and the toilet, especially if in a hostel, when you could be...

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How to Haggle

Knowing how to haggle is essential when traveling but most people find the whole experience extremely uncomfortable and stressful. In some parts of the world however, haggling is the norm. It's not offensive or rude behaviour, in fact it is the expectation that you will haggle...

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Travel on a Budget - How to Keep Track While Traveling

When you travel on a budget it can be hard to work out how best to keep track of if you're spending too much or not. There are a number of techniques you can use when traveling on a budget from...

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Coping with Toilets While Traveling

The toilet situation can, at times, be difficult when traveling. The standards of cleanliness are frequently extremely different to back home or even just the way toilets work...

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Pay it Forward When Traveling Solo

When you travel more often than not it is incredibly easy to meet people. In fact even when you’re not trying, or don’t want to meet people, you probably will. However there is the occasional location in which it will be harder to meet people...

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Monkeying Around

I feel it’s only fair to warn you now that if you’re about to go travelling, it will make you dislike monkeys. “But monkeys are so cute?” I hear you cry. I thought so too, until I travelled...

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