Chiang Rai - White Temple

I was so done with temples when I was told that the bus and boat trip I was taking into Laos would stop at the White Temple in Chiang Rai on the way. I actually asked if there were versions of the trip which didn’t include it. There weren’t and I'm so graetful there weren’t as the White Temple is amazing. It’s unlike any temple I’ve ever seen before in my life.

If you go on your way to Laos the bus will stop at the White Temple for an hour or so to allow you to explore. It’s so beautiful you’ll find that not a lot of time to do so. It’s also easy to get a bus from Chiang Mai there and back if you’re not planning on carrying on up to Laos. The bus ride will take about 3 hours each way.

Here’s why I say it’s so amazing.

How Long to Spend in Chiang Rai to See the White Temple

Just go for the day or on your way elsewhere. No need to stay overnight.

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