I went to Bangalore because I have a friend who lives there who I wanted to visit. If you don’t know anyone there though I probably wouldn’t suggest keeping it on your travel itinerary. It’s just a big city.

However if you’ve been in India a while and need a break from the craziness then it could be a good place to go. The city is very western as it’s the tech hub of India. There are lots of shopping malls and restaurants that serve the food you’ll be used to from back home and you’ll even be able to get a salad without worrying that it’ll give you good poisoning!

Brunches in Bangalore

Sunday brunch is a really big deal in Bangalore with lots of places doing packages for brunch and free flow alcohol. Get a group together and experience the Sunday craziness of Bangalore

Arbor Brewing Company

Missing craft beer? Then Arbor Brewing Company is the place for you. Located at the top of a mall like a lot of bars and restaurants this is one of the most popular places for craft beer in Bangalore and has a good atmosphere.

At Arbor Brewing Company on Valentine's Day

Skyye Bar Bangalore

Skyye Bar is on the 16th floor of UB City mall and as a result has spectacular views over the city. It’s also a really funny place to people watch with lots of guys with shirts open almost down to their belly buttons prancing round looking a little bit like they think they’re Austin Powers.

At Skyye Bar

Autos in Bangalore

The autos* in Bangalore have meters however a lot will refuse to put them on if you’re a foreigner or they'll agree to put it on and then drive you round a REALLY long route to get as much money from you as possible.

To help with getting the auto to agree to use the meter, don’t get them from directly outside fancy shopping malls. That screams to the auto drivers, “I have loads of money” and so they are much less likely to agree to use the meter in those situations. If no one will budge and agree to turn on the meter, offer to pay a small pre–agreed amount over the meter price. That way you know you won’t get ripped off and they know they’re getting more than they usually would. To avoid the detours sometimes taken when the meter is on, follow the route on Google Maps and show the driver the route you want to take.

*An auto is a taxi that's constructed out of a motorbike and carriage attached to the back providing space for passengers to sit in. In a lot of South-East Asia this is one of the most common and cheapest forms of transport although the name for these 3-wheeled taxis varies from tuk-tuk to auto to auto-rickshaw depending on the country you're in.

How Long to Stay in Bangalore

There's not mcuh to see so this one will depend on your reason for going there. Don't worry too much about leaving enough time to "see the sights".

Getting From Bangalore to Kerala

It’s a 16-hour train ride from Bangalore to Kerala. The trains are really comfy though and you get a “day” seat as well as a bunk to sleep in at night in second class. If you don’t fancy the 16-hour train ride it’s actually really not that expensive to fly. I only didn’t as we were going on a weekend that was a public holiday in India therefore the transport was much more expensive than normal.

Where next?

Sri Lanka

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